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Deities in Khajurao temple, Madhya Pradesh
The Khajuraho temples were dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva, Surya, and the Yoginis. The Khajuraho artists have created some extraordinary images of these divinities, which express deep philosophical concepts. To know more read:
#MadhyaPradesh #Khajuraho #deities

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Charvaka Philosophy, Indian Philosophy
Charvakas believe not in the notion of stringent philosophy, but in liberal beliefs. Hence, they refute most of the already-established rules in the context of Indian philosophy. The prime importance is laid on the likes and dislikes of humans. As a result, Charvakas believe in the perceived knowledge of the present life, and not in rebirth and past life. According to them good deed is not much necessary to perform in one's lifetime, as is instructed by the crafty priests. The basic thought of the Charvakas is to obtain worldly pleasure by making merry, as there is no hell where one can be hurled. To know more read:
#ancientIndia #Charvaka #schoolofphylosophy

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Silver Jewellery in India
Silver Jewellery was generally used by the poor classes. Western India is abundant in silver and keeps a good trade relation ship with Arabia, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and East Africa. Each state of India has their distinct style of making metal jewelleries and sometimes the silver jewelleries are also preferred by the local people of the states. Some of the silver jewelleries art is figurative like the hero pendant of Rajasthan and the ‘makara’ which is the head endings on bangles. Most of the designs of Western India’s abstract and geometric designs are achieved through the building up of granulation and embossing. Filigree silver is a specialty of Kashmir, parts of West Bengal and Cuttack in Orissa. Filigree is known as ‘tarkashi’ in Cuttack. Necklaces of filigree are admired in Lucknow and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and are considered as one of the most remarkable creations of the silver Jewellery art in India. To know more read:
#craft #jewellery #silverjewellery

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Stainless Steel Jewellery
Stainless steel jewellery is receiving immense popularity among the jewellery lovers all over India. Earlier, jewelleries made with gold or silver used to dominate the jewellery box of the women but now the scenario has changed a lot. The women of 21st century don't mind flaunting the ornaments that are made with low price metal like stainless steel. To know more read:
#Indianlifestyle #popularculture #stainlesssteeljewellery

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Evil and Demon Spirits in Hindu Mythology
There are two great classifications of such forms of evil and demon spirits in Hindu mythology; one is created by the Gods during the creation of the world and thus brought into the world as demons or Gunas, soon after. The forms of evils and demon spirits in Hindu mythology depend on the cause and kind of death occurred to the individual. To know more read:
#evils #demons #Hindumythology

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East Indian Tribes
East India is a portion comprising the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand. The diversity of East India is evident from its population, individual count and of course the intellectual stamina of the people residing in this region. An even more wondrous fact that can be given is that each state is vastly and distinctly different from each other, with novelty in the spheres of cuisine, costume, culture, education, entertainment, forests, and ways of living, economy and travel. To know more read:
#Indianpeople #tribes #eastIndia

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Temples of Rajasthan
Rajasthan popularly known as the incredible land is famous for its collection of temples. The architectural magnificence of the temples in Rajasthan is well known and adds to the incredibility of the land. The excellent sculptures of the Rajasthan temples reflect the artistic magnificence that was prevalent in the state during the early days. To know more read:
#culture,religion #Rajasthan #Rajasthanitemples

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Costumes of Rajasthan
Costumes of Rajasthan are exceptionally lively, reflecting the spirit of the people and the culture of the region. The clothes worn by the people of Rajasthan are designed keeping in mind the climate and conditions in which they live. To know more read:
#Rajasthan #lifestyle #coutumes

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Tantra in Buddhism
In Buddhism a Tantric practitioner can cultivate an uninterrupted continuum between his ordinary initial mind, the advanced mind on the path and resultant fully enlightened mind of Lord Buddha. To know more read:
#mysticism #tantra #tantrikbuddhism

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