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Freshly established Web Design studio to craft SA small business on-line presence.
Freshly established Web Design studio to craft SA small business on-line presence.

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In a trade of improvisation, I've been called so many times to fill up the chair of a developer that went MIA ( for whom doesn't know MIA means missing in action ).

Which sounds too much like an honorable way to go, but the reality is different. We need to change that acronym into something that reveals the sad truth of what really happened there: they stopped caring, they got scared! They are going for better money... They are annoyed by the customer requests, I don't know.

It's peculiar though, that "professional" that should be dedicate to details and fine tuning, can't quiet work this out. Is it lack of relational skills?

Don't get me wrong, I had my moments... not picking up the phone, postponing the answer to an e-mail. For various reasons: some times I lacked the skills, sometimes I didn't feel the energy to listen to the customer requests, or whatever.

But we need to do better; and Honesty seems to be the way out... it makes us humans and create connections... like: "I'm just having a really difficult day" can trigger some empathy. Or:"I need to consult someone else before I give you an answer"...surround your-self with other professionals, get second opinions, just don't do this alone!

This is probably the fastest growing/ever-changing profession of all. This stuff just never existed... we are smart, but we can't know everything.

Because, yes, we are professionals, but we are people first...before this mambo jumbo biz of coding and web surfing started.

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