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The Incoherent Podcast
Ben Rogers and Mark Mruss discuss tech, culture, and ideas with a dash of comedy.
Ben Rogers and Mark Mruss discuss tech, culture, and ideas with a dash of comedy.


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2016 is over! We recorded a brand new episode covering the BIGGEST tech news & the WORST tech blunders in 2016! Happy 2017!!

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Starting off with the first episode in our new Social Network Series, +Mark Mruss and +Ben Rogers go in-depth discussing Snapchat, the snappy social network.

We talk about how to gain a following, create content and predict what's next for this 'temporary' social network!

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In Episode 25 +Ben Rogers and +Mark Mruss talk everything Tesla Motors.
Would we buy or recommend a Tesla? What is the speed? How far can it drive before it needs to be charged? How does Autopilot work?
All these questions and more will be answered!

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Welcome to episode 24 where +Mark Mruss and +Ben Rogers discuss the future (or lack thereof) of the personal computer. This is the first episode in our new podcast format - shorter recordings with single topic discussions.

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The Incoherent Podcast is back with Episode 23: Rumors of Our Demise. We discuss playing Neko Atsume & our vacation, summer/fall tech and more!

Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated, or we’re back after a 6 month absence with lots of interesting technology related commentary, or we’re back after 6 months and we talk a lot about a bunch of stuff and it’s pretty good.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Android, the gang’s all here, give it a listen and let us know what you think. Via +Ben Rogers and +Mark Mruss 

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+Ben Rogers was given full reign to make up this entire episode, from research to writing and the theme. He thought long and hard about topics and how the episode should flow and came up with an idea – Twitter Comedy!

…Then he had an epiphany (appiphany?)

Instead of asking people on Twitter, he did various searches on Twitter, polling people’s thoughts and ideas to discuss with Ben and +Mark Mruss. We go from talking about weird inventions, movie ideas, app ideas, childhood memories to weird tweets about the number 22 (this episode number) and everything you could ever think about being Canadian.

Ben calls this segment and new approach to content, Ben Takes to Twitter. Who knows, if it is popular he might make it a recurring segment of all future episodes.

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If you made it to the end of our last podcast (which is a feat of strength unto itself) you were probably wondering what happened to our Apple Music discussion, and whether you would ever get to hear what the incoherent nerds thought about it.

Wonder no longer, part two is here.

We decided to cut the episode into two parts because we felt that it was just too damn long. With that, here is part two, our deep-dive into Apple Music. Listen and enjoy.

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We’re back talking entirely about Apple’s 2015 WWDC conference. We discuss everything that Apple threw down, and go over the OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple Music announcements. There was lots to cover on this one folks, so we have a silly time going on longer than normal! It’s WWDC 2015!

+Ben Rogers as a solely-Android person, gets confused by iOS and OSX while +Mark Mruss makes great points about the future of music when we cover Apple Music.

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In this episode +Ben Rogers and +Mark Mruss cover everything that happened at Google IO 2015. The new Android M features, the Android Wear improvements, the new apps, the huge list of upcoming tech, and much much more. Ben feels a need to purchase a +Google Cardboard set, while Mark digs into how Google is gathering data from more sources than ever.

So go and take a photo of fries, upload it to Google Photos, download it on your watch… this episode is all all about Google.

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We welcome our first guest, +Dan Vadeboncoeur co-host of the Media Nerds Podcast, instructor at Red River College, and fellow Manitoba Podcast Network member.

We compare Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and make some predictions about the future of celebrity Periscopers.

We discuss the impending Winnipeg Free Press paywall and the changes happening to traditional print media in favor of digital media. We cover the growing podcast medium and try to figure out “is podcasting the new blog?”. We also cover the fun of podcasting live on location across various locations here in Winnipeg.

We all cover the massive budget that free-to-play mobile games have now a days, with impressive a-grade celebrities starring in their commercials.
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