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Inbox by Gmail on the web now makes it easier to share memories with instant access to recent photos and attachments.
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Fantastic, thank you!
Umm, OK. But still no Drive attachments? o_O
Omar Jaimes
Waiting for Drive attachments. 
Now this is awesome.
Maybe it is on the web, but can't open a mail on PS4 in here.
(PS4 browser is 10 yrs. behind i know..)
Be great if it supported viewing Google earths kmz files without any support from an app or plugin 
And a bigger window to type a message too will be great other than that sticking with gmail
Great you make life soon much easier for spamming 
+Inbox by Gmail​ still having problems with notifications on Android. That made me go back to Gmail. Nexus 6, Android 6.0.1.
This is good. I've often wanted an easier way to do this.  Can someone port t the Drive integration from Gmail to Inbox.  That would be VERY HELPFUL
Great but there is still no Google Drive integration
G+ still don't support drag&drop… feels like gmail will be crippled too. (and lost support of webm…)
+Tiago Soares I have the same issue on the S4. I've read a factory reset can fix it. The cause is possibly data corruption.
This is great, but google drive, please.

When available in Google Apps Education?
It would be great to finally see things that are currently missing but needed on an everyday basis instead of adding new "features": e.g. cut & paste of images into mails, or making the input area for mails larger - just for an example. Currently its always necessary to switch between Gmail and Inbox which is not a good UX in my eyes. Don´t get me wrong: I like Inbox very much and really use it daily, but some crucial things are missing ...
Ok nice but still waiting Drive integration like in Gmail.
It'd be cool if albums had an attractive embeded look.
+Andrew Moravec​​ I totally agree. And to add an insult to injury they try to auto forward you to Inbox when login to gmail. The solutions are not equal, so don't treat them equally. +Inbox by Gmail​
Great!, but please add a simple DELETE button when I open a new msg, currently one has to expand by using the options button [...] to see the DELETE icon?! Crazy, stupid and a waste of time!
waiting for "fullscreen" editor like gmail has.
Please make DONE and DELETE button accesible with one click at the same time
Feature Request: 1)Select All. 2)Add international money sending(but not paypal charges but like transferwise), freelancers would have a big big help .
Janna B
How do I get rid of this? I'm tired of having my pictures pop up in my screen every time I want to attach a document.
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