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Logo style looks more like Monument Valley

TF is cute and entertaining like MV! Mostly harmless ;)

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"A marketplace has emerged where public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry." 

I wonder if the cyberbullies who attacked me earlier this year understand that they're not just playing lowball, they're also propagating a horrible form of capital.

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Grab the alpha test app  here: 

Enjoy! Feel free to share your feed and photos! :D 

And post bugs.. feature requests ... etc here:

More info: 

i still don't really get how to use G+ lol 

At times like this, I really wish Secret app were still around.

A co-founder for one of my startups keeps having these recurrent allergic reactions where her hands turn into leper disease - they itch and peel and she can't type, etc.

Her GP is not giving her good advice and she's not willing to get second and third opinions. (She has an expensive health care plan, so I am pretty sure this is covered.) 

This has been going on for months - it's scary and recurrent. She thinks she's getting better, and then this crazy allergic reaction happens. 
Whenever I ask her to get multiple opinions, she lashes out at me. 

I tell her that if she doesn't want me to be concerned and offer this open advice, then please stop updating me about this - it's actually kind of gross. I don't need to know - and especially if she can't listen to me.

She then tries to justify these updates as reasons for why she hasn't been able to do anything as CEO - no pitch deck, can't check her email consistently, she can't even go to startup events due to her weird condition. 

After months of this craziness, I finally blocked her. Ultimatum: please just get the deck done, get the business figured out. Let's communicate by email-only since I am sick of hearing your excuses. 

I wish I had a better network to have better startup cofounders. :( 

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tango stuff still only works on one device. #rofl
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