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Yeah! Beyonce is way more beautiful than Halley!
not in the world but she is beautiful
Blue Ivy Carter really got her motivated to look good every day!
I wasn't expecting that. I don't mean that as a diss, but I just really wasn't. Oh well. I guess that's good for her.
i know right... i dont think she is that is my opinion..
But just think you shouldn't like her because she's pretty like her because of her great voice. (i dont like her because she is a luminoty) !!#
Beyonce, i wouldnt go as far as saying shes the most beautiful but id say shes one of the influential women in the world. What is beauty? I mean isnt it natural? fake boobs, enhance butt i like her but i think beauty is beyond the surface.
shes beautiful but definitely not the "worlds most" for any year... hmmm... beauty is in the eye of the industry i suppose
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