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Preparing for the End of the World - 26 photos - - Tomorrow marks the end of the 13th cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar, giving rise to rumors about the end of the world. Worries about a looming apocalypse are nothing new in human history, but 21st century reactions to the possible destruction of the planet (or human civilization) vary widely, from "preppers" who cultivate self-sufficiency, to groups offering prayerful wishes, to entrepreneurs who have found a growing market for their survival gear. Regarding tomorrow's fateful date, the descendents of the Mayans themselves appear to regard the milestone as simply marking the end of an era, not the entire world. #apocalypse #preppers #photojournalism  
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"The end of the World" is another "Year 2000 scam"
only this time it's not the computers that will go "down"
it's the brain of "World ender's".
For what do you prepare, if you really believe that it is the End? Or did I misunderstand the meaning of the End?
What was it last time?  The "Rapture", I think.  I would be happy to be "Left Behind".
Ubbe Fr
If the World ends, exactly what is there to prepare for?
It might not all happen in one go you might have to fight or try and survive if you are still alive.

I'm planning my Post-Apocalypse Looting Party. I figure there will be lots of stuff to grab after the brain-eating zombies wipe out most of the human race. 

We had similar plans a few years ago to be "Left Behind" during "The Rapture", but not enough people disappeared.
What Albert Einstein predicted... "stupid people in the future" people should read a book instead of watching tv you know
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