Key Skills: This Post Was Designed To Help You Connect The Dots

AdWords: Research, plan, structure, implement, optimize campaigns on any Google search/display/video/mobile or social network. Learning time for new features, formats and options usually takes me less than 24 hours #marketing  

Training: Previous jobs include sales coach, cold call training and partnering with digital agencies. Now an internal Google AdWords/Analytics product trainer. #teach  

Pitching/Selling: some people say they "can sell ice to an eskimo" - I disagree, I prefer to sell them a warm coffee on Monday mornings. #needs  

Web Design: Not a web designer, did a bit of SEO in 2008-2009 and never took that side of things seriously. Built my fair share of Wordpress sites but  never required advanced coding/customization. #sites  

Content: Write marketing content and contributed articles to other websites, but for now - learning how to share more generic content on social networks. #newskill  

Business Strategy: Support friends and family (very cool people in diverse roles across all sectors) with refinements to their brand and online image. Working with business start-ups and offering ideas is probably my favorite skill. #anon  

Web Utilities: These are things like Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Tag Manager, ASANA, almost anything that has support documentation. AdWords API and Scripts are fun, very 2014 for me, so still learning them. #webstuff  

Reputation: I get results -  treated as a knowledge base and trouble-shooter across wide range of verticals. I never "kiss and tell" so you won't find much (if any) information about me online  #controlled  

All The Paperwork That Only Some People Care About

Marketing: Google Fundamentals, Search, Display, Video & Analytics Certified. #Google  

Psychology: All disciplines then final on subliminal manipulation. #mindseye  

Media Studies: Print, Audio & Video production. #manipulation  

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