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“I don't find solutions, I create them."

The nutshell:
I work as a marketing product trainer in the day, help friends and friends of friends during my spare time.  

Best advice:
Never trust or rely on anyone (other than yourself) and always keep expectations to the minimum. Instead, be relied upon.

More about marketing:
I have built more than 500 new digital campaigns in under two and a half years and supported in excess of 1000 AdWords accounts. More recently I have become obsessed with ghost management and real-time programmatic marketing.

Other working relationships:
The 'other' people I work with receive my support for free (i.e. I am not a marketing business) and all fall within six degrees of separation. I will seldom work with people I know from my anon work joint, or don't know at all.

I have solved legal/contractual disputes, creation of new strategies for business or marketing and built brands from ground up. I have written scripts for political ministers proposing changes in law, swung people out of credit owed, negotiated editorial deals, gave people and scanned over business ideas for TV shows and of course - built sites, wrote content and even developed cool tools.

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