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I don't find solutions, I create them.
I don't find solutions, I create them.

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Dear AdWordtisers - Google Has Removed True Exact Match!
if someone tries to convince me of this being a positive change, go have a word with yourself - Google should be fixing placement of ads in bad locations (display) - not removing features that we need...
#adwords #remove #exactmatch

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Dear SEO Experts - Here Is Your Light, I Know It Is Scary - But Now Your Clients Can See What You Charged For!
search console connector is like pouring petrol on one of Google's hottest innovations that continues to burn my fingers on a daily basis... #search #console #connector

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Google Optimize Is A Crazy Tool...
it appears to let you redeisgn pages on the fly, with 0 coding experience AND set rules to control who see's the variance of a page... total #madness #google #optimize #testdrive

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YES! Looks Like Google Optimize Just Launched In UK
my job just keeps getting better...
#google #optimize #launched

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Gmail: 1,120 Impressions, 1,062 Clicks, 94.82% CTR In A Single Day - How?!

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+Google+ Your New Logo Is Really Nice, It Makes The Old One You Are Still Using To Explain How I Can Add Someone's Name Look A Little Out Place...
#google #oldlogo  

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Oooh - What A Nice Surprise 'New Ad Extension' To Help Everyone Drive More Sales
I had not noticed this extension pop up until a short while ago, and it kinda makes sense - tell your 'omni-channel shoppers' about where else they can buy your products...

Affiliate Location Extensions

#adwords #affiliate #extensions  

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Google Launches Texting Businesses Through Text Ads... Hmmm
I don't mind texting someone and was hoping Google would first launch "call me back" but now it looks like Google is getting ready for the rush in 'instant messengers'....
#clicktomessage #google #adwords  

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Google Data Studio Now Available In UK.... Woohoo!
#datastudio #onit #like #acarbonnet  
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