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I don't find solutions, I create them.
I don't find solutions, I create them.

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Oooh - What A Nice Surprise 'New Ad Extension' To Help Everyone Drive More Sales
I had not noticed this extension pop up until a short while ago, and it kinda makes sense - tell your 'omni-channel shoppers' about where else they can buy your products...

Affiliate Location Extensions

#adwords #affiliate #extensions  

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Google Launches Texting Businesses Through Text Ads... Hmmm
I don't mind texting someone and was hoping Google would first launch "call me back" but now it looks like Google is getting ready for the rush in 'instant messengers'....
#clicktomessage #google #adwords  

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Google Data Studio Now Available In UK.... Woohoo!
#datastudio #onit #like #acarbonnet  

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Google Advanced Exam / 'Pop Quiz' & Certified Until 'Before Google Was Invented'
For the correct answer to be correct, the question would need to use lower case keyword insertion '{keyword: Books} and not 'capitilise first letter of each word '{KeyWord: Books}' and how did my certification expire 3 years before the gods of Google (Larry and Sergey) were born.

#google #partner #problems  
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Guess What Google Just Did... Added Salesforce To My List of Accounts To Link....?!?! :-O
easy import of offline conversions - here I come...
#adwords #salesforce #import  

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Google AdWords Loves Putting Us Through The 7 Stages of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs - New Trueview Ad Format #ForAction
no longer do you have to decide between just 'skip' or 'non-skip' instream ads, now you can put a 'buy now' on it's finger... our irresponsible friends at Google gave us something nice during the 2016 spell of nonstop changes
#youtube #adformat  

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Google No Longer Wants New Advertisers To Use Keyword Planner Before Having At least One Active Campaign
Why? They say it was because of bots using the tool, I say it is because they simply can't take not making as much money as they could have done - is AdWords getting ready to squeeze every single penny out of you?
#adwords #keywordplanner #seeingthings  

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Another Good Upgrade To AdWords - 'Campaign Groups'
Even though I love this upgrade - Google are quickly becoming the most irresponsible brand in the world... I will say no more for now...
#adwords #campaigngroups  

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Wow - Google Tag Manager Just Added One of The Best Upgrades To GTM V2 Since Launch... It Will Blow You Away #workspaces  

Give yourselves a pat on the back #Google

King of GTM's Take (+Simo Ahava )

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