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Imran Sq
I don't find solutions, I create them.
I don't find solutions, I create them.


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My Oh My... Well Done Google, The 'GTag' Is Very Clever...
The Global Site Tag (gtag.js) provides a framework for streamlined web page tagging – giving you better control while making implementation easier. Using gtag.js lets you benefit from the latest tracking features and integrations as they become available. #analytics #global #tag
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News: AdWords App Advertising Just Changed... Big Time
the new found lack of control and ease of set up feels closer to the something only an employee poached from Facebook would come up with - or maybe this is the on-going disruption caused by robots... #adwords #app #marketing

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Ah - I Bumped Into A New Convenient Setting In Adwords...
Advertisers would traditionally add '' as a negative placement to block apps or set up 'ads in mobile apps' campaigns for interstitial ads... we can now set both settings at campaign level

#adwords #interstitial #apps

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DataStudio Just Added Tracking - So We Can Now See How Audiences Are Engaging With Data... Just Add UA Number To Report Settings
(can now export .csv files from graphs too! #datastudio #usertracking

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AdWords Introduces 'Smart Display' Campaigns For Not So X Advertisers
I guess the only thing we can wait for now is an annoying Facebook interface and ability for social marketers to add Google marketing to their CV's now that it's so easy to set up a campaign
#google #smart #display

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Dear AdWordtisers - Google Has Removed True Exact Match!
if someone tries to convince me of this being a positive change, go have a word with yourself - Google should be fixing placement of ads in bad locations (display) - not removing features that we need...
#adwords #remove #exactmatch

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Dear SEO Experts - Here Is Your Light, I Know It Is Scary - But Now Your Clients Can See What You Charged For!
search console connector is like pouring petrol on one of Google's hottest innovations that continues to burn my fingers on a daily basis... #search #console #connector

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Google Optimize Is A Crazy Tool...
it appears to let you redeisgn pages on the fly, with 0 coding experience AND set rules to control who see's the variance of a page... total #madness #google #optimize #testdrive
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