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Imran Khan
An engineer with a taste for music, good food and technology
An engineer with a taste for music, good food and technology

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The Guardian: How to get fit after 40.

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*Freeing up Google Drive space by deleting old Gmail emails. *

Have to try this out as my free space limit exceeded while I got some temporary space with my Moto G which has just expired after 2 years. 

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A good step by step guide for upgrading to Windows 10. From what I have read till now upgrading from my current 8.1 should be quicker and easier compared to the 7. Still haven't received my download yet. Not interested in rushing it though, so I can wait.

+Nabeel Ahmed​ check out the procedure if you are planning to do it. 

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Looking forward to resuming my daily routine and get that energy vibe back that I've been missing for some time now.

Instead of the recommended half hour a day or 10-minute doses of moderate exercise three times a day on most days, Dr. Segar suggests focusing on the idea that “everything counts” — taking the stairs instead of the elevator, weeding the garden, dancing, even walking to the water cooler.

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This explains why we see so many grumpy drivers and workers during the Muslim month of fasting (Ramadan). 

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Where's the coolest place that you've ever just sat and looked at your phone?
#Phone   #Weekend   #Funny   #CleanHumor  

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Lollipop upgrade for the 1st Gen Moto G ... YES
#Lollipop is rolling out in phases to #MotoG (2nd Gen) in US & #MotoG (1st & 2nd Gen) in India. Look for the notification on your device to update!
Photo completes 10 years reviewing cars honestly and keeping Saudi, Emirates & other GCC readers updated with Automotive News.

+Mashfique Chowdhury

#DriveArabia #car

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Anyone still interested in an Inbox Invite? 

#Google   #inbox   #inboxbygmail   #inboxinvite  

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Why burning the midnight oil is counter-productive

I've noticed this at work and in everyday life, whenever I am over-exerting myself specially after working hours, I end up spending double the time and making more mistakes.

Wonder how this applies to doctors and why they are supposed to survive such long hours. 
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