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Context Marketing vs. Content Marketing
We know content marketing has been trending in the marketing world. Providing interesting and informative material is key to drawing customers and prospects into the next phase of the sales funnel.

However, we have to go beyond content marketing, to provide something that's relevant to each prospect. Not all prospects are created equally. This is where context marketing comes in. 

Last week, I went to an event where the speaker mentioned he still receives paper delivery of The +Washington Post. Yes, news in paper form. One day, he didn't receive delivery and reported it at their website. Hours later that day, he went to check on the status and their website asked him in a pop-up, "Still didn't receive your paper?" That's a great example of context marketing, helping to develop brand affinity in his case.

They knew this customer, knew what he was looking for, and delivered a relevant message that addressed his need.

What kind of tactics and technology are you implementing, or thinking about implementing, to incorporate context marketing?
Unless you’ve had your head in the clouds for the last few years, you have a grasp of the concept of “content marketing.” Essentially, it’s an online marketing approach that incorporates tool…
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Addresses challenges including:

-Knowing your prospects and their goals prior to the first meeting
-Finding solutions that set you apart from competitors
-Building an aligned Sales and Marketing process
-Closing more sales and retaining customers
-Helping Sales and Marketing reps become more efficient
-Responding faster and with better information on prospects
-Capturing and analyzing critical data that delivers insights
B2B Selling in the Age of the Customer by +Kuno Creative 

Recent data shows that 60% of a B2B buyer’s decision has been made before even contacting a Sales Rep. While customers may have this power, they can be influenced with “insight selling”- a strategy that challenges preconceived ideas and presents new solutions.

#B2Bmarketing   #leadgeneration  
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Immanuel Lee

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And it's free!
#UI   #UX  
Just learned about today from @usertesting and found it to be extremely useful.
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Immanuel Lee

Audi R8
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How lucky is that?
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Immanuel Lee

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The Internet of Things Ecosystem: The Value is Greater than the Sum of its “THINGS”

Interesting look and forecast for the #IoT  ecosystem. A few figures:

-By 2020, the entire Internet of Things will have a market value of $8.89 trillion. 
-Research firm, IDC, expects a globally installed base of IoT will reach around 212 billion things by the end of 2020, including 30.1 billion installed connected autonomous things.
The Internet of Things is more than just Glasses, smartphones and smartwatches. It’s more than just smart cars and cities and other “things” that are connected or understood by today’s usage …
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9 Ways to Generate Content Ideas
I think forums and discussions, e.g., those on LinkedIn and Quora, are great resources. This is the first time I've heard about +HubSpot's blog topic generator tool, but that seems like a great source (they have a lot of great free tools). I also like the idea of a blog carnival.

What do you all think?
One of the most common questions I’m asked by someone new to blogging is: But what will I write about? The short answer is that you should write about the things you know about and have experience …
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Highest-Paid Athletes
I know folks are getting paid, but I never really kept track. This provides some context.

Had no idea Aaron Rodgers is #4 in the world! And Matthew Stafford, who's ahead of Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant, is #6.

What do you all think about the list? Who's overpaid? Underpaid?
ESPN The Magazine's annual compilation of sports' richest superstars. Don't worry, Money Mayweather, your rep is safe.
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Clay Matthews is making way too much money. 
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Immanuel Lee

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I didn't watch any of the regular season but is Julius Randle explosive or what?!
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25 Tools To Boost Your Content Strategy [Infographic]
There are a lot of tools out there to help with your content marketing. Producing/curating quality content on a consistent basis can be a difficult task. Here's a breakdown of tools by functionality and what brands use those tools.

What tools do you use?
I keep hearing that digital marketing continues to be a significant focus of marketing and lead generation campaigns. As we have all heard before, successful digital marketing requires fresh and high…
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The collaboration economy can really enhance material. Actually, it can lead to more exposure. That's a good point you bring up +Daniel Berger. 
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How 2014 Stacks Up Against Every Upset In NCAA Tourney History
A lot of upsets and a lot of good games this year, but nothing out of the norm. Breakdowns by year, seed, round, best teams at upsets.

Butler is undefeated in upsets (9-0). Remember, if a lower-ranked team loses, it's not an upset. Villanova owns the most upset wins (12), but isn't one of the top 10 best upset teams. In this context, I think upset losses are ones in which the higher ranked teams loss. 
Since the NCAA tournament expanded to 64 teams, there have been 514 upsets, involving 183 colleges. Here is your complete guide, by college, by team, and by tournament
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I'm not a big review-writing person, but I've been very impressed with what I've seen and experienced with them. I've seen many, many customers asking for his advice. During my first visit, Jay looked at a family's used car that they bought recently, and they decided it wasn't worth fixing. He helped them get a loan for another car in 15 minutes AND they looked at a car within another 10-15 minutes. How many shops would help you with that? In my own experience, he took the time to walk me through the issues that my car was dealing with. This was done in a simple way that people could really understand, even those that have no idea about cars. Their service, the time that they spend with customers is really like nothing I've ever seen from any other shop.
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I wasn't that strict in describing the style that I wanted. Did a very nice job. She made sure I got what I wanted. Very pleased.
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