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GA reports data for the homepage but reports it under a suffix that leads to 404 page. For example, in the content drilldown, GA will report data for /index.html but if you go to, it's a 404 page.

What causes that and how would that be fixed? Thanks.

We set up WordPress and the website works okay but when a visitor clicks on any link the URL doesn't change. As far as I can tell we're using EC2. I've tried a few different themes and the issue remains.

For example, say we have the URL When a visitor clicks on the link to the blog, the URL should change to but it stays It does that no matter what link you click on.

I want the URL to change along with the permalinks (not sure if that's the right phrasing), so when you click on a link, the correct URL is displayed. Again, the site does work. Any suggestions? Thanks

According to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tester, I found quite a few of these, like Zerif and Customizr, aren’t mobile friendly. Many are just your desktop websites shrunk to fit phones, which isn’t mobile friendly. Is anybody using a theme like those that are mobile-optimized?

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Connects your cloud accounts, from email to analytics to CRM to project management. 

Has anybody noticed discrepancies in GA reporting and reporting for something like Akamai for event tracking, specifically for PDF downloads? GA is only reporting something like 10% of the downloads that are being reported in Akamai.


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What happens when you go on a 5-game win streak that includes 2 European powers, the then #1 & #6, & battle corruption?

Guess some folks can't handle freedom.

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The year of freedom:
Take down corrupt officials ✓
USMNT hot streak vs. European powers ✓
Win  #wwc2015  ✓

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GA Custom Report vs. Query Tool Report
Has anyone compared GA data to Query Tool data, The reports that I pull in both include dimensions of FullReferrer, NetworkDomain, PagePath, PageTitle, Date with a metric of Users. When I run a custom report for that in GA for January, it doesn't return some data that's found in the Query Tool report that I run. For example, the GA custom report won't return data for Jan 1 and Jan 3-7, and is probably missing some other data too. However, data for those dates are included in the Query Tool report.

It looks like Query Tool does take more time to process the data and generate the report. The custom report is based on 100% of sessions, so I'm wondering why these tools would return different data sets. Thanks.

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Issues With Custom Report Funnels
Has anybody used Funnels in the custom reporting much? I know it's in beta but I'm seeing data that flat out contradicts site search data. I was sent a custom report that sets up a funnel to see whether users use site search from a specific subdirectory. I went to look at the site search report and it pretty much shows data that tells a complete different story. Not to mention the number of users reported in the custom report is way higher than users in the site search report.

In summary, the custom Funnels report shows that only 1.47% used site search, while I set up a custom report based on the default site search report with filters and that shows 97.22% using site search. The reports are setup a bit differently--one with filters and one with specific pages for the stages of the funnel.

Has anybody seen anything like this? Thanks.
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