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These are my new soul mates all the way from Denmark.

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Look at how cool I am 

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There used to be a saying "white men cannot dance" I can conclude that there has never been a bigger lie, my German man burned the floor up! 

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We have an awesome German guide his name is Tshidiso and he is the BEST!!!

My friend Betty from the USA had this to say to me.

Dear Mandy,

I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to thank you for taking us around while we were in Joberg. I learned so much and have a better understanding of the history of South Africa. But most of all I enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you! Susan & I had a lot of fun being with you. It is a good feeling to know I have a new friend. I really did not think that I would like Africa (I'm not sure why) but I fell in love with it and the people and am looking forward to returning sometime in the future.

Thank you for the beautiful necklace and earrings and for returning the book & magnet I left in your car. I thought I had packed them so I hadn't missed them yet! My memory gets worse every day!
I hope that you will be able to visit the US and stay with Susan or me for a while. We would have a great time.
I am busy working on my yard and small garden. I love working outside and digging in the dirt. I also got a dog. Her name is Rosie and she is a rescue animal. It is evident that she has been abused in the past but I'm working on restoring her faith in people. She is a real sweetheart - just afraid of everything.

Take care and keep in touch.

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All the way from Chile

Oliver from Germany,

We landed both safely in our homes after a lot of time travelling. I thank you very much for the wonderful day we could spend with you. You are a great person and an interesting tour guide. I am still processing all the information and impressions from my trip.
Kind regards

Julie from America shared this,

"We had a great trip, with your tour being a highlight!  Thank you for
sharing your home, impressions and insights with us.  We really
enjoyed our time with you.  I have been reading the book Human
Bondage, with photos and text from the Apartheid Museum.  It is all
very emotional and I have been thinking about South Africa and its
history a lot."

Karin From Germany had this to say about here trip,

"Hallo Mandy,

Back in the cold cold Germany, now we think very often to the great experiences and impressions we got to collect from the great trip in South Africa. Especially the trip with you and Sunny in Soveto remains very fresh in our minds. We enjoyed every minute in Africa! I would like to thank for the warm welcome and the pleasant atmosphere. Got a lot of fun with you....
If you come once again to Germany, we would be pleased if we could meet!
Best wishes and many hugs"

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