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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein [Follow @imaginescience]
Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein [Follow @imaginescience]

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"Our memories are much more flexible and less accurate than we believe they are."
In case you missed it: Dr Daniela Schiller and Director Liron Unreich discussing 'Reconsolidation' at this month's #ScienceMatters event.

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Here's a beautiful animated film on memory from Karolina Glusiec, that we showed at the 6th Imagine Science Film Festival back in 2013.

The 10th edition is coming up! Sumbit your films now:

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#PostFuture! The Athens Digital Arts Festival will be taking place 18 – 21 May, 2017, and will feature a guest program of Imagine Science Film Festival classics:

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RECONSOLIDATION begins with a clinical look into a neurological experiment as neuroscientist Dr Daniela Schiller labors to discover the key to rewriting fearful memories. From her research lab in New York she begins her personal search and returns to her native Israel to compel her elderly father to reveal his Holocaust remembrance for the first time.
Join us for a screening+discussion of this ISFF audience favorite with director Lion Schiller and Dr. Daniela Schiller, May 1 7pm @planetanewyork.
Tickets FREE here:

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We have seen many films about neural network AIs, but Sunspring is the first we've seen WRITTEN by one. It's predictably incoherent in points, but the fascinating parts are where it starts making a kind of sense.

If you're an AI with a new film, or think you can do better, submit it to the 10th Imagine Science Fim Festival now:

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Open Call for 2017 Submissions!

Check out our latest newsletter:

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Join us for a screening + talk with filmmakers at #ScienceMatters, next Monday April 3rd 6pm @ Bowery Poetry!!
Tickets available here:

Through a mix of paper craft, digital animation, documentary film and radio journalism, Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck, the co-founders of Sweet Fern Productions, engage audiences with science. Their Emmy-nominated video series "Animated Life" appeared on The New York Times Op-Docs channel, and told stories about paradigm-shifting scientific discoveries with handmade paper puppets.


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SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN for the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival: HYBRID.

Transgenics. Cybernetics. Interdisciplinary cross-polination. The Imagine Science Film Festival was created in the hybridization of art and science and mixing subjects, genres, and even fact and fiction, is still at the core of all of our interests. And so, with our tenth anniversary festival this October we return to our omnivorous origins while seeking new recombinatory forms of the future. We’re looking for your chimeric docufictional laboratory science fictions, your combinatorial data reenactment ballets, your interspecies cellular diaries, all your greatest and most surprising HYBRIDS.
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