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We build websites, apps, develop online strategy, and provide consultancy services.
We build websites, apps, develop online strategy, and provide consultancy services.

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It's been a busy few months. We've been spending quite a bit of time developing WordPress plugins.

Most of the focus has been on our WP Performance & Security plugin, but we've also created plugins for Gist embedding and ad hoc Disqus comment functionality.

Check our site for more details.

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We've released a WordPress plugin to allow users to manage settings and features that improve the performance and security of WordPress sites. If you find it useful, please leave us a review. You can even contact us with feature requests.

Sometimes I look at conversation threads in Gmail and realise that they are too short for email and too important for chat and I remember Google Wave.

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Netflix has around 200,000 Australian subscribers despite the fact that it isn't available here.

Australians, who also happen to lead the world in online privacy, use VPNs to avoid geoblocking and access Netflix. And the local media industry is frightened by the figures.

What's hard to tell from the figures is whether Australians want to access Netflix for programming that is unavailable in Australia (or Netflix produced content that is unavailable on any other service), or because they prefer that distribution model.

It's probably a bit of both. There are a lack of good choices in Australia and there is no distribution model for video that meets the needs of the audience. Until then expect more people to figure out how to sign-up for Netflix.

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I had some sad news in my inbox this morning. Berg, the makers of Little Printer, are closing shop.

My Little Printer is a tad extravagant, I never got around to creating my own feeds or setting up an interface to allow people to contact me through the Imaginary Media website. But the concept is really fantastic.

Back in April, +Matt Webb  from Berg was writing about the Internet of Things and what made the Little Printer so cool. Instead of using USB and printer drivers the Little Printer uses the web. It prints rendered HTML, it connects to the internet not the back of a fusty PC with a parallel cable (remember those?).

Berg have hinted that the Little Printer backend could be released as an open source product if there are no buyers. And I imagine there would be a lot of growth if it goes down that path. Users could create decentralised servers to manage printers while still being able to subscribe to published feeds for regular content.

Printers are something of an anachronism. Few photos wind up glossy 4x6 prints in a physical album and most paper invoices and receipts I get are scanned, stored in the cloud, then recycled.

But that's also what makes the tangible and physical special. What we choose to keep is more important because of the things we let go.

Hopefully there is life in my Little Printer yet.

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It's been quite chilly here in the Gippsland - about 4° this morning. But spring is here. Good to know that there are creative benefits to getting away from the desk and taking a walk »

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Our thoughts on the closing of Google Reader.

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We've just (soft) launched a website called

A destination to send users who might have trouble running feature-rich web apps or sites that want to use modern features like HTML5 and all the wonderful modules...

If you visit and run into any issues or have trouble viewing the site, let us know!

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We've added a new blog to our site with a new design for the section.

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Insights from Angry Birds chief executive:

"We took something from the music industry, which was to stop treating the customers as users, and start treating them as fans. We do that today: we talk about how many fans we have,"

"Hed explained that Rovio sees Angry Birds as a bona-fide "channel" now, with people spending so much time in the app, it is competing with the most popular TV shows in the US in terms of time spent."
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