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Ilyon Chronicles
An exciting new fantasy adventure from author Jaye L. Knight.
An exciting new fantasy adventure from author Jaye L. Knight.

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If you missed me talking about it last night, there is now a Goodreads group for Ilyon Chronicles! Come and join the discussions!

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It's here! Resistance is finally here! Let's see if we can get it up in some Amazon lists this week, so let all your friends know! And make sure you check out the blog tour stops all week long and enter to enter the prize pack giveaway!

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Publishing update and a special sneak peek of the first page of Resistance!

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Did you know Resistance wasn't the original title for the book? Find out what it was and see the different transformations the cover went through to get to the final version. Plus a look at the full cover layout for the paperback copy.

Just sent the first 20 chapters of Resistance to my beta readers. O_O I think I'm freaking out a little bit. First time it's going to be read by anyone outside my family. Fellow authors will understand the feeling of wanting to jump under your covers and hide until the first bit of feedback comes in. :P

And that, everyone, is a wrap on the final major edit of Resistance!!! huge sigh of relief I think I might cry. I'll be working on a blog post in the next few days about the experience and what's next for the book.

Writing a whole new opening for chapter 38 in Resistance. Only 5 chapters left to edit! And I can finally say that, barring any major setbacks, I'm looking at May for a release month!

How about a peek at a new sentence I just added while editing?

What she wouldn't give to have Kaden here to send him one of his “touch my sister and you’re dead” looks.

Can I just say how much I adore my main girl's twin brother? One of my favorite characters in the series. I love writing/editing his parts.
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