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Great battery life on LG G Watch R. 18 hours off the charger, including a couple hours of navigation, a couple dozens emails and a few hundred messages read, screen always on. And still 22% battery left!

[Update] Battery fully discharged in 30 hours. I.e. a full day and night and over half of the next workday.

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Time to wear watch again. (This is LG G Watch R)

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Keep the Internet Open and Free

Range of vision of some people is a circle with zero radius. They call it point of view.

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Спасибо поисковикам

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I have one invite to purchase OnePlus One phone for grabs. I purchased mine about 2 months ago and I can say that it is one of the best phones ever. A beautiful 5.5" 1080p screen. One of the fastest mobile CPUs and 3GB of RAM means it never slows down, no matter what I through at it. 64GB of storage is more  than I will ever need. 13MP camera with Sony sensor, capable of 4k video or slow motion video at 720p at 120 fps. Most importantly, 3100 mAh battery made me stop carrying an external battery pack and almost stop topping it off mid-day. I simply recharge it overnight and never worry about throughout the day. And the price. $349 for the fully unlocked phone. Plus about $12 for shipping.
See more details at

This invite will expire in 6 hours, i.e. tonight around 9pm EDT. After claiming it, you should have 24 hours to complete the purchase.

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Update on my +T-Mobile situation described here:

Nothing's happened.
It's been 2.5 weeks since I first discovered that T-Mobile has incorrectly blacklisted my +Nexus 7 (2013) LTE IMEI for being financed with a past due balance. To reiterate the OP, I purchased the device directly from +Google Play. Since it's blacklisted I can't sell the device on +Swappa like I planned. 

So far the only answer I've been getting from Tmo is that "There's no way we can report a device financed if you didn't get it from us!" Bullshit. It's happening. I'm not even your customer and I'm getting screwed by your database. I keep hearing that the issue is being investigated and I get a promise for a call back and nothing's happened. I keep actively checking and get the same "We'll follow up in a few days either way!"
Maybe if this gets reshared something will actually happen. This has to be affecting more than just me. If you have an LTE N7, check your IMEI. You can do it at
I really have no idea what to do at this point so if anyone actually notices they're tagged in this and can do something, please help.

+Android Police +Droid Life +Android Central +Engadget +ASUS North America 

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This is a setup that I use in hotels to stream to chromecast bridged from hotel wireless OR to cast my screen without hotel wireless. Also, I use my Anker E3 portable battery, to connect to the chromecast since hotel outlets are hard to reach or TVs don't have a USB.

Here's what works for me....(This is how I set everything up before I went on the road).

1. Get a Hootoo travel router.

2. Download hootoo trip mate.
A. Move the button on the outside of the hootoo to wireless.
B. Setup the router on "YOUR" home network via the app. The app will guide you to name a new WiFi network created by the hootoo router.

3. Setup your chromecast using your hootoo created WiFi network, NOT your main home network.
A. (The hootoo router will be connected to your home network while creating it's own WiFi in which chromecast will be connected)
B. At this point your chromecast is configured to recognize and work on your hootoo WiFi only.

4. If you want to watch a chromecast that DOES require Internet (podcast, Netflix, etc.) Goto the hootoo trip mate app and select a wireless network to attach to. The hootoo app then configures the router to bridge the network into your new hootoo network you created for your chromecast.

5. If you DO NOT need Internet connectivity and just want to cast your screen; make sure your hootoo router is on. Select the hootoo created network on your phone or tablet or laptop. Then via your chromechromecast app, select your chromecast device. You should now see the TV Chromecast screen say that Internet connection lost. NEVER MIND THIS and goto cast screen within the chromecast app and since you are connected to a WiFi network, your tablet, laptop, phone screen WILL mirror on the TV.

6. This took about 10 minutes to set up everything out of the boxes... I've tested this several times with my home airport router disconnected.

7. The hootoo router also has a USB port for thumb/hard drive. This streams to anyone on the network, simultaneously. 

8. So now, when I get to a hotel, I plug in micro usb power to the router and open app on phone or tablet. Next, plug in Chromecast and change tv input. That's it. Since everything was configured at home, it's literally plug and play...

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Download away, folks. This +OnePlus OTA brings touchscreen, battery, audio, and security fixes, along with a new radio.

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