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Head to Google, search for blink html, enjoy!
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+François Bacconnet I tried it... there is an easter egg there too!
didn't work for blink 182 though
There's a noticeable lag in the blinks from the top of the page to the bottom.  That's odd.
And I was under the impression that support for the blink tag was removed a while ago.
twinkle twinkle little star
Damn you, <blink> tag!!!!
You just type (without the quotes) "blink html"
Bug You
worked. jeeze that's weird I have not heard about that
I know, but you have to admit that many people uttered that phrase back in the 90s.
how it works and what is the benefit of this ? 
+Shalini Agrawal Increased visibility for your most important message(s)! A similar effect can be achieved by WRITING IN ALL CAPS, but <blink> is more efficient. Or was more efficient until some "designer" types (i.e. CSS-wielding hipsters) decided that it's not "hip" and "cool" enough for them and the thing got killed.
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