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Perfect workflow in Sublime Text 2...

Two hour tour de force to make you a sublime ninja! Too many awesome tips and tricks to list - if you're a Sublime user, this video is a must.
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Awesome, though I think this could have benefited from segmentation to smaller video series.
So this earlier this month.  It is actually broken into segments on nettuts.  This is compilation of the entire course.
J'ai déjà entendu parlé de Sublime Text et vu ces démonstrations, il est certain qu'en tant que développeur professionnel, c'est une preuve incontestable de gain de temps ( et donc d'argent ) , cependant je doit me poser quelques légitimes questions...
First time using sublime text 2. Now I'm still using sublime text 2 :) the best IDE for me
Bah, I sneer at your pitiful Sublime Text 2. Those of refined tastes are using Sublime Text 3.
It's funny that posts like this posted days or weeks ago by other users not get any attention but when posted by google workers , those land on "what's hot and recommended" ?? The G+ social structure is CRAPOLA! G+ vs Facebook Is like Yahoo in his early stage vs Google! How should a brand or someone who's building a brand gain more followers if google keeps pushing their own things, content and interests forward above everything and in the main time they try to convince some of us that everything is about finding the best content. I don't think that's ok and I think if you guys keep following this path you may lose big time against FB.
+Alan Museljic I don't know the exact mechanism behind the ranking within G+, but I do know for sure that it is based on reshare and +1 rates, and not by affiliation to any group or circle. 
+Alan Museljic How can a brand build followers??? Use Crapbook. We don't want ads from businesses on a platform designed to distribute information, not merchandise! G+ is RELEVANT information based upon how many people read the content, not how many bullshit "Likes" someone gets!

+Alan Museljic 
Whats the fuzzz?? bunch of lousy arguments relating facebook and g+. of course its different if you hate people giving G+ then get out of here. I give G+ on this because this is a good tutorial that has been compiled from nettuts.
+Bradley Gibby  "G+ is RELEVANT info based upon how many people read the content"

G+ nodes are a activity posts not a single blog post. There is no way they can determine how many people read the content.

+Ilya Grigorik said it's mechanism is based on likes and shares. I didn't said or meant that.
Facebook's mechanism is based on users interest and it's relevant to brand if a brand has shared their own content. For eg. how can it be that if someone else shares +Nettuts+  content lands on "what's hot and recommended" while the same post of nettuts shared by them month earlier didn't land there?? That's bad for them!

For example if you share a video of +Rihanna  on Facebook it will also point to her Facebook fan page if you didn't already liked it and ask you if you'd like it! I would like to see that on G+ as well ! That would be great for users and brands! By brands I don't mean only brands as mc donalds or coca cola but fan pages and communities.
+Alan Museljic Are you saying that Google can't track post reads? I'm pretty sure they can tell you the average time spent reading each post without batting an eyelid :)

FB is an advertising platform, nothing more. You don't see businesses enticing users to "+1 us and get free shit".

I think you're using G+ wrong mate.
Forexample +Nettuts+  have their own youtube channel and this video is hosted on their channel so  it would not be that hard to somehow link the shared content to their fan page , it would be good for them! :)
+Bradley Gibby haha, what's google then if facebook is a advertising platform? They even get into your private emails to add target you.  I'm just comparing and saying  since I'm using both ! what ever dudes , have a nice day! :)
+Ilya Grigorik not hating bro, just saying what's on my mind. I mean don't you think that it would be also good and more attractive for brands and artists if g+ could somehow link brand / artist owned content shared on G+ to brand's or artists fan page?? I think that would be great for them and us users! 
+Alan Museljic so you don't use SublimeText then? interesting that you don't use SublimeText but choose to de-rail this thread.

"... Not hating bro ..."

mhmm. right.
+Alan Museljic Implied by a lack of reply from yourself and your desire to continue an irrelevant argument about something that upsets you (and hardly anyone else here).

So are you saying you do use and love #sublimeText   then?
+Zenobius Jiricek I've seen this video ages ago shared by the content owner it wasn't in hot on google then , yet it seem to be hot months later! and it had caught my attention that most of the "hot on g+" are posts from people working at  google!
+Alan Museljic I wasn't asking for your opinion on the video. Additionally this thread really isn't the place to talk about something that frustrates you personally, when that 'something' has nothing to do with the topic of this thread (which by the way is #sublimetext   not how posts rank and rate on google plus ).
Just been to the video ...nd BOY!! Thnnx Gazzilions For the TUT
never used sublime text but after two hours well spent I'm sold!
west of time this work you can sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Tank for your video, It's very useful and save a lot time
Envato apparently wants you to pay for their instruction, and has made a (probably valid) copyright claim, so the video no longer works in YouTube.
Oh, gosh. I assumed everything on the site was premium. Awesome that this is not a premium item, although I don't have an issue with people getting paid for their work. ;-)
Video no longer available (((
You mean the video linked 5 comments ago? ;-)
Dude, you forgot to call Jeff Way before you post this thing..... pole sana :D
where's the video ? i can't see that. Is it blocked ?
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