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Chrome 37 (current Canary) will enable DirectWrite by default! Huge improvement in font rendering on Windows: - yay! If you want to follow the bug, see
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Waiting for so long for this. The day it worked from chrome:flags was an awesome day...
I always wondered about why reading texts in Chrome is so much less comfortable than in Chrome for Ubuntu or ChromeOS
Not that this will stop me or anything, but Chrome 37 is way more unstable than any of the other Canary or Dev releases have been.
+Kiril Vatev Yup. The 64bit version drove me crazy. I had to move back to Chrome Stable. Quite nice now. Missing DirectWrite as it does not seem to work from chrome:flags in current build. 
+Sushubh Mittal I actually do not have too many complaints about 64-bit Canary. However, 64 bit doesn't work with Hangouts (which I rely on daily), so I can't use it as my main browser. I can't go back to stable anymore, as it takes about 2 minute for me to become extremely annoyed by the lack of all of the awesome things I've gotten used to.

Usually, this kind of instability only lasts for one or two releases, so I am really hopeful for the next update.
Isn't 37 the one that also removes checking for revoked certificates? Granted, it wasn't doing a real check anyway, just performing a check against a CRLSet, but I want to say 37 is even doing away with that.

Honestly, I'm in the process (literally as we speak) of moving my stuff back to FF. I really like chrome, especially the chrome remote desktop, the +1 button extension, the google now stuff, the OK Google search..... but for me the final thing that's making me switch was since... 35? I'm on 35 right now... it keeps disabling my extensions, just because I didn't get it from the store. I run a greasemonkey script to automate some stuff, and it kept disabling it.

Still though, I've switched back and forth over the years. I downloaded Chrome the first day it was released, but couldn't use it due to the fact it had no extensions at all, then when extensions were added, I switched to Chrome... then at some point I got better performance out of FF... then the tables actually flipped and Chrome gave me better performance than FF so I made Chrome my main browser again... Basically what I'm saying is, I'm not saying I'm done for good, I'm just done for now. And I'm especially getting off before 37 hits live.
Alex X
When can this version be expected to arrive on stable release?
+Alex Oshchepkov Stable releases are roughly every 6 weeks. Considering that 37 just hit dev recently, it looks like mid-July.
Did Chrome for Linux just change font rendering as well? It looks much different on stable and dev channels.
It's actually a disaster in Win7 running 120 DPI or higher. Apparently everything in the browser is effected by it, causing even HTML5 video to become a blocky, pixellated mess. Fonts look terrible, and even go from fuzzy to clear at random while moving the mouse within a G+ notification window. Please, please do some testing on a Win7 machine with 120 DPI and a 30" monitor! This is completely unusable.
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