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Got my hands on a Nexus 5 this week... popped in my TMobile SIM and was greeted with a nice "LTE" indicator - nice, time to run some tests!

My LTE + Nexus 5 connection gets better throughput than my wired Comcast plan! I wish the connection was symmetric (upload vs. download), but 13Mbps uplink is nonetheless a good start - it's enough to stream HD video directly from my phone! On the other hand, latency is about 2x compared to wired connection.. This isn't surprising, but nonetheless, as far as mobile carrier networks go, ~50ms is directly in the target zone for LTE.

Of course, latency is the primary bottleneck for web browsing... so we can't just say that the LTE connection is "faster" than my wired Comcast, but even with that, this is really impressive stuff.
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Yep, that was pretty much my experience too. Crazy, huh? Fun thought experiment to consider what happens when mobile>>cable becomes commonplace.
+Edd Dumbill it won't. To me, this actually says more about our wired providers than wireless performance: why are we still stuck with 35Mbps/10Mbps up with Comcast? First, it should be a symmetric link, and second, it should be much higher: 100Mbps~1000Mbps. I want my Gigabit, dammit. Oh, and while we're at it, let's fix the last mile latency as well: fiber latency should be <10ms between my house and ISP core.

On wireless side, with LTE rollout we should expect to end up exactly in the range that TMobile is showing here: 10-50Mbps, and ~50ms latency. Getting higher throughput requires more radios and much higher transmit power, so while its possible to go 100Mbps+, it's not clear that we need that today. On latency side, sadly ~50ms is "state of art"... I don't expect that to get much better.
+Ilya Grigorik good points. I'm still paying twice the price for a fraction of the speed I had when I left the UK four years ago.... 
+Edd Dumbill yep. Sadly, US is way behind in terms of wired performance: cost, throughput, and latency.
Yup. The US has crap "broadband", since we've regulated competition out of the market.
Lets hope Google Fiber lights a fire under people's butts, but I'm not holding my breath. The regulatory environment makes it somewhere between difficult to impossible to launch competitive service.

It probably doesn't help that we've done a poor job of keeping content-creation and serving/access as separate business concerns. They're almost incestuously related today and so the incentives are.. messed up.
it seems that the LTE signal bar was not full when you were doing the test, and you may get better performance if you do a test in the deep of night.
+zhili hu perhaps, but I'm not after measuring peaks. I'm more interested in the experience in my actual day-to-day environment. All of those tests were run from exact same spot within ~10 minutes of each other.
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