Got my hands on a Nexus 5 this week... popped in my TMobile SIM and was greeted with a nice "LTE" indicator - nice, time to run some tests!

My LTE + Nexus 5 connection gets better throughput than my wired Comcast plan! I wish the connection was symmetric (upload vs. download), but 13Mbps uplink is nonetheless a good start - it's enough to stream HD video directly from my phone! On the other hand, latency is about 2x compared to wired connection.. This isn't surprising, but nonetheless, as far as mobile carrier networks go, ~50ms is directly in the target zone for LTE.

Of course, latency is the primary bottleneck for web browsing... so we can't just say that the LTE connection is "faster" than my wired Comcast, but even with that, this is really impressive stuff.
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