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Minicron is a system to manage and monitor (distributed) cron jobs: - hmm, this can be a handy tool. Looks nice too!
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+Vitor Domingos do not forget Ansible :-)
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Ilya Grigorik

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Watch it! Can't +1 this hard enough... Optimizing perceived performance is just as important as any other performance metric for your application.
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+Eric Wu :)
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Ilya Grigorik

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Introduction to A*: - awesome hands-on overview of the A* pathfinding algorithm. Long but rewarding read.

"Planning generally is slower but gives better results; movement is generally faster but can get stuck. If the (game) world is changing often, planning ahead is less valuable. I recommend using both: pathfinding for big picture, slow changing obstacles and long paths; and movement for local area, fast changing, and short paths." 

That's sound advice for just about everything in life.
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+David Issel I like your article. Leaving out edge weights and the queue to keep track of frontier vertices from the standard Dijkstra makes the core idea much clearer, while it is still able to route creeps in Tower defense.
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Ilya Grigorik

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Glow-in-the-dark road markers: - brilliant. 
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We need this, because TRON
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Ilya Grigorik

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Say what you want about Windows... but Windows Performance Toolkit is awesome: - skip to ~17m into the video for hands on demo. Love the vsync / frame viewer integration with all the other app perf data -- great work by the MSFT team!
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Surprised.. but impressed..
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Love the vision behind Project Ara! Can't wait to play with this... and see where the community takes it.
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I like how they didn't sidestep the big questions & doubts and are aiming at an actual product.
Wonder how they came to the conclusion that consumers convincing threshold lies at 1/3 capacity loss.
Me personally, I already think battery life is miserable as it is.
+Tim Fagardo , did you see this?
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Ilya Grigorik

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Protip: if you are gzipping your images.. you're doing it wrong! - check your server configs! And, apparently your CDN as well... :)

/cc +Guy Podjarny 
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+Ilya Grigorik  I don't know but I've been told...that the EXIF is fairly compressible.  For small jpegs it might still be a win to gzip.  It would be interesting to extract that out of your query...

+James Tucker I don't think minifying "optimizes" gzip compression, but it's definitely true that minifying and then gzipping is better than just gzipping.  I have seen data supporting that.
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Ilya Grigorik

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Scary stat of the day: IE6 has 22.2% market share in China. </gasp>

On the bright side.. in US its 0.2% and global market share (skewed by China) is 4.2%. Stats courtesy of Microsoft:
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+Chris Robato That seems very likely.
Add a comment... is awesome. Beautifully done and a great collection of inspirational nuggets for the entrepreneur in all of us - yes, all of us.
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Doesn't. Good business doesn't. (First quote)

Let the Grammar Nazism begin! :P
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Ilya Grigorik

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Analyzing site performance with R + Selenium:  - that looks really promising! R is awesome for processing and visualizing this kind of data.
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