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How LinkedIn used PoPs (aka, early connection termination) and RUM to make dynamic content download 25% faster: - awesome work by the LinkedIn team. Double bonus points for using RUM to measure performance improvement!

As an additional resource, I covered the benefits of early termination in HPBN:
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If someone DDoS'es it based on the information exposure you'd be forced to remodel it...I hope not going to happen though :)
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Ilya Grigorik

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Nice explanation of Markov Chains: - short and approachable. MC is a really useful technique to have in your toolkit.
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Ilya Grigorik

Shared publicly  - - no joke, it's a thing. Need to figure out how to get on that disallow list. 
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buy the next big robotic industry , if there is any left :P
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NEPTUNE network collects information about the ocean, ocean life, and the ocean floor: - what a cool project! Deepest sensor station is 1.5 miles deep.. and they even have their own Wally (slightly renamed due to trademark reasons, I'm sure :)).
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Pixels are expensive: ... "How pixels get onto your users' screens is something you should know about. Not for the sake of knowing, but because in order to be effective as a modern web developer you're going to need to optimize for it."

Great I/O session and a companion writeup by +Paul Lewis.
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Wouldn't have those problems if web standards were allowed to be used.
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Hooray, you can now do Accept negotiation on CloudFront:  - i.e. you can configure CloudFront to use the value of the client Accept header as part of its cache key! How is that useful? Automatic delivery of WebP assets: same URL but the returned image will vary based on client Accept header. 

For additional background on Accept negotiation (and hands on WebP examples):
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CC: +Phil Ward 
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Did you know that Google Analytics can show you the PageSpeed score for all of your pages? Well... it does, and do check it out!
Tip of the Week: Compare PageSpeed scores from Google Analytics
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. That's why +Google Developers offers a family of tools designed to help optimizing website performance. Read more about them at

One particularly interesting tool is PageSpeed Insights, which offers a score and recommendations on a page level. And to make it easier to website owners, marketers and analysts to use this tool, you can also access it from inside Google Analytics. Give it a try at
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+Carl Turechek +Jacob Taylor I'm guessing its due to sampling. By default GA collects speed data from 1% of your traffic.. and if the traffic is low, that'll give you lots of 0's in the reports. For my own site, I just set the site speed sampling rate to 100% - the max is 10K samples/day. Docs:
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First draft of Resource Hints spec: - aka preconnect, preload, prefetch, and prerender. If you have any feedback, nitpicks, etc, open an issue on GitHub!
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Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest image hosting on the web? Serving tens of billions of video thumbnails per day! Crazy.

Best of all, they recently started serving WebP, which reduced the filesizes by ~20% and improved page load time by ~10% - huge wins. 
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Maybe it took native English speakers less time than me, but it took me (with monaural hearing) quite some to figure out what he meant. Not the dumb comments that you see with many YouTube videos, but the shrinkened images that apparently form much of the page size. 
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BOOTSTRA.386: - our job is done here, the web platform has arrived. And I know you're wondering: yes, its responsive.
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Wow nice
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36% battery life improvement on Android L preview:  - yes, please! Awesome work by the Android and Chrome teams... and they're not done yet.
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When can we expect the unified web platform to run on the wearable devices for us developers.....
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An archive of all the past Google Doodles: - yes, all 2000+ of them. I love the fact that we have a full team of awesome illustrators and engineers working on these!
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+Hiren Patel so much want 
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Great food - expensive but worth it. Do make a reservation and save yourself the wait.
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A real gem. Awesome ambience, great service, and most importantly... fantastic food. Not cheap, but worth the pilgrimage.
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Beautiful and quiet beaches, great place to kick back and relax.
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