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If these were actually implimented, I would use Unity. This is honestly the best idea I've ever seen for Unity.
+Arthur Shelby Why not learn excellent leadership and manipulation skills, fork it, and trick a bunch of people into writing those features.
Voila! Customized, sensible Ubuntu.
This is nice. +1 for implementing in 13.04
Наверно, поставлю все же Ubuntu на Mac 
I like the grouping, but then it may not look that good when I set the launcher to the smallest size.
It's a pity immature 12.04 is the first 5-year-LTS release ...
The Icons using the entire Launcher is not Unity's fault at all. It's completely the applications developers' fault. The reason there are colored boxes surrounding the icons is because they're not square. This can, however, be achieved through 3rd party icon themes, such as Faenza (which, I believe, is shown above).
I love everything about this. It's so elegant and polished.
+Arthur Shelby Ubuntu is not a democracy. It should not be. It is a meritocracy where people who do the actual work take the final decisions. Ubuntu isn't the only meritocracy - most of the other open source projects are meritocracy and some even are having a benevolent dictator
+Manish Sinha I wonder what would happen if countries did that... "Work and be productive, else you have no right to vote."
Wrong analogy. Even in Ubuntu you have elections for deciding who will sit on important posts like Community Council, Technical Board, Developer Membership Board etc. It is similar to how elections are held in countries.

After elections are held, the people who are elected take decisions on behalf of community just like leaders take decisions on behalf of people.

The Community Council etc are elected by Ubuntu Members who are eligible to vote which is equivalent to citizenship of a country. You might think that this leaves out many other people who are not Ubuntu members. Think this way - Earth contains lots of people just like OSS community contains lots of people. Now every person can associate himself with one of the other project just like country. You are allowed to vote only in countries where you are eligible. I didn't knew I was eligible to vote for Swiss elections

Lastly as +Christopher Horton said. Countries != Project. There are some similarities how they operate, but they are lot different
+Christopher Horton I understand the difference between a group of binary code and a country. I'm just wondering if the same would work for a country.
Democracy, meritocracy, autocracy? The OS and the DE are for the user (privat or entrepreneur), and wouldn't it be reasonable to take into account the issues of many experienced ones, wouldn't this broaden main developer's horizon and thus result in - say - success?
Whenever someone cribs about "their issues are not been listened to", then look at this checklist
1) Does it actually solve or problem or solve your pet-peeve?
2) Is the request feasible to implement?
3) Is the request worthy of implementation
4) Did you make your request politely rather than harshly. Developers get lots of requests and your request is no special than others. A develop can entertain only limited subset of request
5) Is there time left for implementing the feature for the current cycle?
6) Does your feature fit in the design goal?
I can't stand Unity.  It's the stupidification of computing, to me.  At least with those changes it gives that pos a better looking dock.
+Jim Blaich Keep in mind that Unity isn't in it's finished state yet. Personally I think it's come quite far, and is constantly improving.
*I'm still using gnome shell until they finish it though :P
+Jim Blaich You are confusing stupidification and simplification. Not everyone is geek like you. They need simple UI
+Manish Sinha Fortunately I am not confusing anything.  Unity is the stupidification of computing.  There's nothing simplified about it.  It's an under implemented system focusing on over-complication of searching (Lenses).
+Jim Blaich Actually in your dictionary stupidication and simplification are synonyms. Maybe Unity isn't meant for hardcore geeks like you. It is meant for casual desktop users.

It is an under implemented system? That is a bad thing? I would anyday prefer a minimal system which does a few things good over a system which tries to do everything.
My problem with unity is performance. unity 3d totally sucks. probably coz my graphics are made for windows. Gnome shell 3.2 was good in terms of performance, but 3.4 sucked to the core. looks wise, gnome shell's lot better, performance and usability wise, compared to gnome shell, unity's better. now using unity 2d with compiz enabled. unity 2d's dash is awesome. if the above stuff is implemented, it'd be great. At the end of the day, gnome classic wins the game in terms of everything. very usable, very stable, good effects with compiz.
+Arthur Shelby True... i felt the same. +Ubuntu 11.04 is the best OS produced so far. Balance between democracy and best features. It is the most highly customization and usable OS till date according to me. everything after that had performance issues on my machine.
nice ideas....launcher could also create groups automatically by the help of the application category when space is needed
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