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Ilkka Rinne
Head of Customer Experience and Interoperability @Spatineo, photo enthusiast
Head of Customer Experience and Interoperability @Spatineo, photo enthusiast

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I blogged about the INSPIRE Test Framework, providing a consistent validation tools for spatial data, services and metadata, key components of the European Spatial Data Infratructure (INSPIRE). This should make many data providers' life easier.
Great expectations for the INSPIRE Test Framework, read a workshop report by Ilkka Rinne

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Woke up early this morning to capture Suomenlinna at dawn

Last night, inspired by the 1 cm thin layer of fresh, much anticipated snow, I got an idea to wake up early and to a quick photo walk in Helsinki at dawn. So somewhat reluctantly, being on a holiday and all, I set up my alarm clock buzzing in time for me to catch the Suomenlinna ferry. I was excited to see what was expected to be a clear and crisp sunrise after the last night's thin layer of fresh snow.

The trip was definitely worth it, the wind was quite calm and scenery was great. I lot of Japanese tourists had also got the same idea, otherwise the former fortress island as this pretty much sleeping.

#suomenlinna, #photos, #earlybird, #finallySnow

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The quantum is no silver bullet for cryptography after all?

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We are hiring in Helsinki!
We are hiring a native Spanish, Portuguese or Italian speaking inside sales rocketeer in Helsinki, Finland!

Join a fast growing cloud software start-up company in an exciting inside sales role. The company is based in Helsinki and currently employs 8 people.

Your responsibility is to acquire new customers in Spain, Portugal & Italy for our quality assurance SaaS-solutions for spatial web services. Please see for more information about our offering.

You will be based in Helsinki and you reach out to the customers using telephone, video conference, email and other digital means. In addition you will attend on-site all relevant geospatial conferences in the target markets to create leads and awareness. You’re ultimately measured on the number of new customers signed.

More details in the LinkedIn job posting at

For questions and sending your application please contact Kristian Jaakkola (VP, Sales & Marketing),, +358 40 5297497. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

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Nice visualization about the energy (in deltaV) required for reaching planets and moons in our solar system
I thought this was kinda cool

The new +Google+ iOS client seems to be annoyingly buggy with updating the home stream: usually it just shows the old posts and refuses to refresh unless I kill the app first. The same thing happening on iPad Air and iPhone 5S.

Also there is no longer a shortcut to jump to the most recent posts at the top, I have to scroll all the way up to (try) to refresh the stream.

Any better in Android devices?

#newgoogleplus #ios #bugreport

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Posted a few results from today's photo walk to 500px. I tried to make things a bit different this time, with the help of a polarising filter and a fisheye lens.

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(Would?) love living in Finland, know how to kick your own ass, but find it difficult to find a decent sales job due to lack of Finnish skills?

Come and hit your head through the wall in good company with us at +Spatineo Inc.

#SaaS, #SalesManager, #WeAreHiring

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The coolest thing we've been working with +Spatineo Inc.  this spring: released today at #INSPIRE_GWF

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If you are a friend of offbeat, darkish graphic novels do check out the @indiegogo crowdfunding campaign of my dear friend Angina Herrmann! She's looking for funding to publish her hand-painted book on paper. 
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