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Not pixel art, but I think it fits the "future punk" -theme that's usually in dominance here. :)
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These kind of people deserve more likes! Keep it up! 
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Ilja Sara

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Damn you 2016!!!
Debbie Reynolds has died after suffering a stroke at her son's home in Beverly Hills.
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Ilja Sara

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Sorry for spamming with this. We're basically down to a few days left of motel money, and having had to stay in one this long as almost utterly depleted our apartment funds. I am completely lost on what the hell we would do when that runs out.
As we are getting no help locally, I need to raise money to move somewhere with actual job opportunities. Either that or get myself across the country to a more stable life. I cannot stand the constant instability and reliance on the whims of others. I know I am constantly asking for help lately....
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Ilja Sara

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Ryan A
good thing it's high impact plastic for all those gentle, penetrating face massages 
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Ilja Sara

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This is for you +Gordz. :P
Edit: This is the fastest I've ever hit FP. Here, have something else to make you smile:
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I like gross stuff, but I go tits over ass any day.
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Ilja Sara

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:o Long lived sharks.

Via +João Serrano.
Nuclear bomb data reveals they are world's longest-living vertebrates reaching an age of 400.
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