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So excited... tomorrow we are off to Portugal to ride with and learn from Luis Valenca and his daughters! What an unbelievable opportunity!!!!
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Check out Rupert's autism tip about the importance of tribe and ending the isolation that modern western life brings with it. 
ru's weekly #autismtip:
don't try it alone! build your #tribe !
easier said than done i know. most of us live pretty isolated family lives - you and your spouse (if you have one), the kids, your home - that's it.
which is fine until a crisis hits.
then you'd better have some people around you. 
the cliche that it takes a village to raise a child is very true (most cliches are true - which is why they are cliches). human beings aren't meant to live in isolated units. we are hunter gatherer apes designed to live in extended families of 12-24 people in rural settings
most people on the planet still live that way
the subdivision and privacy fence is a very recent invention - since 1945. it hasn't made anyone happy. most people who live that way are medicated and depressed.
and when a crisis hits - be it a banal crisis, like you cant start your car, or a real crisis like autism, you need that tribe.
so how to get it?
identify the obsessive interests of everyone in your family group. doesn't matter what they are - can be things you don't even like much - for instance i'm not into computer games but scub is, so i find people that are into them too who want to play them with him.
then you reach out via the web for meetup groups and so on that reflect these interest.
you organize a bbq in a public place - someone's garden, a park with a pavilion, etc and you challenge yourself to see if you can arrange a playdate for several families in which all of the interests are reflected somehow.
and you see what happens
when kristin and i first embarked on our autism adventure it was just us. none of our friends could cope with with scub, our parents and sibling were both thousands of miles away, we lived in the country with no close neighbors...
but i had a friendship with my neighbor stafford, and when rowan went through the fence to betsy, he was therefore willing to let me ride her with my child instead of saying'sorry i'm worried about the liability'
and then it went from there - we got horses, and started working in nature, people began to get interested and gradually the tribe began to form
don't worry that it might take a while. don't worry that you live in a city, or in an isolated spot. just begin the process. you child will reward you
to find out more about building tribe come join our online community at
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What a cool note to end this years Horse Boy Music Fest on. Chad Stokes and Erin Ivey singing with autistic young man. 
Grab a tissue.... autistic boy sings with Chadwick Stokes and Erin Ivey at our first annual Horse Boy Music Fest. Celebrating the gifts of autism and raising autism awareness. Join us for the 2nd annual Horse Boy Music Fest in April 2015. Details coming soon:
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