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Iliana Pacheco
Online Marketing Manager @rtscorp, Word Magician, Coffee Perfectionist, Tarot Reader, Star Interpreter, Bookend.
Online Marketing Manager @rtscorp, Word Magician, Coffee Perfectionist, Tarot Reader, Star Interpreter, Bookend.

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Police want  +Waze to adjust their app so people can't identify police on the street. I say that's ludicrous. Looks like police are the ones in the public eye now.

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My company has been active on Google+ for over a year now. Recently I noticed that we now have 2 different Google + accounts. One account, the one I created a year or so ago is the one that we are active on, post updates, have pictures etc. The one that was automatically created seems to be connected to our Local listing as it has the address pulled in the profile and it says "verified". However, this page is inactive (no posts/not set up) and has over 15,000 views obviously being the page that is getting the most traction. Is there a way to merge these two pages??? This is the link to the "new" page that was automatically created

and here is the link to our active account:

I would appreciate any help!! I don't want to delete our active page, and it would be a real pain to have to update both pages...

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This is truly awful. #plastic #waste  

Question: in terms of duplicate content, how much is actually harmful?

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Why the ultra rich are feeling, cornered. Very interesting.

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Very interesting article about introverts and work environments.

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The Woody Allen story I never knew and I'm ashamed I didn't. How does he win an achievement award? This makes my skin crawl. #woodyallen  

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Using Content Group Data

A few people recently asked where they can find the new content groups data in +Google Analytics

There is no specific report. The new content groups are actually integrated into all of the standard content reports. You can view content based on the groups that you define rather than page URL or title. 

Use the selector at the top of your content reports to view by groups.

Remember, content groups are NOT processed for your historical data.

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So apparently having a lot of money equates to a psychological disorder. OH, and that means you can kill 4 people and get away with it.
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