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Still haven't worked through the proof, but the gist of the theorem is that if you have a cubic polynomial, and you form a triangle out of its complex roots on the complex plane, then if you take the maximal ellipse inscribed in that triangle, then its foci are the roots of the derivative of the cubic. Crazy! This links algebra, geometry, and calculus.

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Just found out about this the other day... you can do a zip file quine:

So I remember that in ~2007, there was this online puzzle going around, and I'm trying to find it again but to no avail. It was hosted on some weirdo (I think!) domain, and it started out roughly as This page had a link on it that said "two" and pointed to "two.html" (I could be off on the details, but something like that). Then two.html said "three" but without the link, and you were supposed to go to three.html, which then had a harder hint. These became progressively harder up until around 25 or so. The other ones I remember was that 13 had "a __ dozen" (baker's) and another one of the hints was a welsh word (or another very uncommon language). Finding the answers often involved a lot of searching around.

Does anyone out there remember the URL/can dig it out of email/bookmarks/whatever? I'd really like to re-find it!

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that's pretty cool. it helps to have a slow connection to get this to work... you really have to be fast with clicking on the spinner.
wow, I accidentally discovered this old easter egg (apparently put in place in 2010), but it's amusingly geeky: while any youtube video loads, you can turn the loading spinner into a game of Snake! Click on the flash app and then use the arrow keys to eat the glowing dot of food. The game persists on top of the video that loads, ha

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