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Ilene Hoffman
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Ilene Hoffman

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Ilene Hoffman

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Announcing 2014 The Hess Memorial Macworld Events List. In it's 18th year, this is where you find out about the events NOT sponsored by Macworld-iWorld. Spread the word please! Sponsorships still available and contributions link on the page. Please help support my volunteer effort. ‪#‎Macworld2014‬
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Ilene Hoffman

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I share with Nikon group, because I took this with my ailing D90, but is this a wildlife photo, or a landscape, or what? Didn't know in which category to place it. I did use Photomatix for processing, but it's not really HDRed much. 
From my latest attempt to locate birds in New England's persistent winter. A sampling of birdhouses at a friend's abode last weekend. #backyardbirdingmonday  curated by +Celeste Odono & +Ricky L Jones  #beautifulmundanemonday  curated by +Shaun Gibson  #dofmonday  curated by +Mara Acoma  +Mark Hall  +Alan Gurling & +Nigel Smith 
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I don't know if you would call it either, but it sure is beautiful.
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Can someone help with this problem? Please read carefully... thanks!  Recently, when I try and open an NEF (RAW) from a Nikon D3200 on my iMac I get the message: "Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found." I can still open NEF from my Nikon D90 though. 

 Now, I CAN open those same NEF files on my MacBook Pro, just NOT my iMac. Both machines use OS X 10.8.4.

On my MacBook Pro I have Photoshop CS6 Version 13.0.5 x 64 and Adobe PS Camera RAW Version 
On my iMac I have Photoshop CS 6 Version 13.0.6 x64 and Adobe PS Camera RAW Version

Can anyone tell me which update is causing my problem? Thank you! 

This is driving me nuts! Below is one of the shots taken with the D3200-not an easy capture! 
#naturemonday  curated by +Rolf Hicker & +Kate Church  #nikon   #bees  
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Then that only further supports the idea that Photoshop thinks it's not opening a NEF file. Why don't you try opening it in Bridge to start? Or will that not work for you? Personally, I use Lightroom and avoid all of this tedium :)
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Rick, here's a photo I took right out of the camera (i.e. no edits). I bought a Nikon D3200, but returned it due to its lack of features I needed. This is one of the shots. I've resized it to be 72dpi and 1400 on the longest side. Would love to see what you can do with it. Personally, I found no plug-ins that added anything to my printed image, which I just lightened, cropped and sharped a tad. What plug-ins would you use? ;-)  (Oh, I used my Sigma 150-55mm lens for this, not the stock lens.)
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+Rick Sammon Oooo, I SO want to see what you'd do with this! Please ping or email me the results! BTW, in case anyone asks, I believe that's a Least Sandpiper (Calidris minutilla) hanging out at the S. Natick Dam, MA. They usually don't frequent there though.
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Ilene Hoffman

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Hess Macworld Events welcomes Pipes support, please join them! Click for tonight's parties. The best parties are tonight!! 
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Ilene Hoffman

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The Robert Hess Memorial Macworld Events List is online. More events added daily until show (3/26-3/29) Please announce!  Sponsorships available- please email me for more information.   #Macworld2014
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From my latest attempt to locate birds in New England's persistent winter. A sampling of birdhouses at a friend's abode last weekend. #backyardbirdingmonday  curated by +Celeste Odono & +Ricky L Jones  #beautifulmundanemonday  curated by +Shaun Gibson  #dofmonday  curated by +Mara Acoma  +Mark Hall  +Alan Gurling & +Nigel Smith 
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Thank you +Ileen Cuevas !
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This may not be the most interesting shot in the universe, but it's all I can get from inside. The view from my window for most of this winter! #snow   #close2home  Curated by +Brett Sivits +David Pond +Shaun Stewart +Pia Raben +José Juan Escudero +Howard Weitzel & +john adams 
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The problem with S. California getting rain is they just let it go out to the ocean and they still want our water.  Our reservoirs are extremely low and we have none to give, but they will take it any way.   This is why we are pushing for the State of Jefferson again.
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Ilene Hoffman

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Here's my latest (and last) review on TUAW. Any photographer who wants to show off his/her work should read this! Also, please watch the video at the end, because I'd love some constructive comments. Thank you! 
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Writer, Mac Consultant, Photographer
Skills? We don't need no stinkin' skills, we got da Net!
Writer & Mac Geek For Hire. Photographer, mother & dancer - all with passion.
I have a little personality.
  • Macintosh expert and owner since 1984.
  • Mac product professional thanks to my work as Editor for MacNN Reviews for past 7 years.
  • Work as a consultant, so always available for new writing, marketing, pr, and book contracts.
  • Received my first camera in the 6th grade and have fought my astigmatism ever since.
  • Learned my great grandfather was a pro portrait photographer only a few years ago and now am the reluctant family photo archivist.
  • Have worked as mother, sports photographer, dancer, market researcher, writer, editor, counselor, community web facilitator, and even tried a stint in retail.
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