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I was really looking forward to getting the Nessie from Blue microphone so that I could test it to see if it would be good for my podcast. You can't imagine how disappointed I was when I opened the box and saw this! 

Even if I could live with the fact that the logo was turned upside down, the mic didn't work....

Turn a smile upside down and it becomes a frown.

I guess you can say that Blue gave me the blues. 
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+Petra Muchova It's very light weight too. Although I'm not so sure that's a good thing. It almost felt "cheap" but perhaps I was biased since I was frowning at the time.
That does suck +Ileane Smith :(
Another reason I guess why +David Jackson and +Ray Ortega both recommend the ATR2100!

One downer with the ATR2100 ATM for me though is - it isn't shipping to Australia from Amazon ATM - I had a guy try and buy one through my link and he couldn't :(

I was thinking I might look into a Blue Nessie for him - but sounds as though that's not such a good idea :/ 
+Joshua Liston I have the AT2100 but the sound volume is too low so I can't use it. +Mike Phillips is going to troubleshoot it for me (maybe this weekend). I'll keep you posted.
Shame it doesn't ship to Australia from Amazon. Have you tried B&H? 
I haven't as yet +Ileane Smith - I will though, thanks :)

I actually purchased 2 * ATR2100's from Amazon about 8weeks ago - for the co-hosts of my hobby show ...and they shipped to Aus no problems.

Hopefully B&H is an option ...and/or the Amazon supplier opens Aus back up again as a shipping option!

Good luck with +Mike Phillips and the 2100! :) 
I have read that several people have had issues with this one. It looks great, but people are saying that it is pretty flimsy and had issues staying together. Contact their support as I have also read they have been replacing them.
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