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Question for everyone - Is it possible to have a successful podcast without using self-hosted WordPress? If so, what platform would you use? (I have nothing against self-hosted WordPress, in fact - I love it - but I'm trying to avoid using a plugin - it's a long story but I just wanted to add that info).
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You don't have to use WordPress to host your podcast blog. You can use any blogging service. BUT, you have to roll your own when it comes to feeds, you won't have the plugins, and you won't benefit from the huge Wordpress support community. It's doable but I don't recommend it.
If you use paid hosting you can go with just about any platform. Your feed will be taken care of via hosting and the platform will just be where you shownotes, player, links, etc live. Ideally you'd own the space but it can work however you want. 
+Max Flight +Ray Ortega Thanks. I am currently hosting my files at Libsyn and using Blogger to post my show notes. There is a lack of tutorials available for doing it this way - since almost all of the podcasts about podcasting provide details instructions for using the Power Press plugin. Are you aware of any tutorials that address how to handle this Libsyn - Blogger set up? 
If you don't use WordPress, then I suggest LibSyn as an all-inclusive service. At least with them, you still have a lot of control and the ability to customize the user experience a bit more. After all, you pay for LibSyn.
I'm not aware of any Tutorials for this sort of thing. When I set up my "for fun" podcast on Squarespace, I had to scour their FAQs and do lots of web searches to figure out how go do it. I imagine you'd have to do the same for Blogger.

The big things: You have a good media host (Libsyn). You need a feed that you can associate with the episodes. While many others are not a fan of Feedburner, I think this might be a good application for it.
Yes, this is exactly an good use for FeedBurner if you can't be on a platform you control. However, it's still possible to use FeedBurner without sacrificing your domain to them—MyBrand.
+Max Flight +Daniel J. Lewis I am using FeedBurner. As far as the platform - I don't think it's possible to change the layout of the Libsyn blog (like adding a header, sidebar widgets, social sharing tools, etc.) which is why I'm using Blogger. Is that correct?
Yes, that's exactly what we do. We use WP for blogging only. As with the previous commentators  we us Feedburner as well as the Libsyn publishing platform for our App. This is essence gives us a new feed address, but does this by mirroring the FeedBurner feed. Being essentially lazy, I use a program called FeedForAll to build and maintain the feed's xml file. :)
I have used Talkshoe for 5 years now, you can host the shows elsewhere as well, and use hotlinks from Talkshoe to play your show in your blogs as I do.  I have much to learn, and I'm looking to up my game this coming year in quality of sound and some self hosted stuff, but Talkshoe is free and easy, and better than BlogTalk. My blog is is you want to see.  I moved 4th quarter and have been sick so not updating weekly as I usually do. LMK what you think! 
Talkshoe is the platform for the conference calls, guest call in's, etc, and have a decent live chat room during the show.
+Daniel J. Lewis Is your question about "splitting" directed to me or +Gary Colcombe (I assume the latter)? Also, do you know of a way to customize the layout of the Libsyn blog? I didn't get any responses to that question yet. Thanks!
+Melinda Jackson I'm familiar with Talk Shoe. My question here is about using a blogging platform not an podcasting platform. I use several podcasting platforms - for example: Spreaker, MixCloud, SoundCloud and AudioBoo. I haven't done any live shows on my podcast yet. If I did a live show most likely I would go with Mixlr. Have you ever tried that one?
I'm new to this community so firstly I'd like to say hi! I'm also new to podcasting- just launched a weekly social media news podcast last Friday. I few podcasters I respect seem to use Libsyn, but I decided to go with Soundcloud for mine. They do have a podcasting service in beta but I use Wordpress to create the feed. That way I can create a post with the show notes. If I link to the mp3 file in the post, WordPress automatically adds it to the RSS file as an enclosure. I'll be putting all my podcasts in my "podcasts" category.

To create a dedicated podcast feed from my Wordpress site, you just take the RSS feed for your podcasts category and add to Feedburner. That way you can have a feed of only your podcasts from your site with your show notes and make it into a fully fledged podcasting feed so I can submit to iTunes etc. I've not had to use any plugins to achieve this and I would have thought the same would be achievable on too- correct me if I'm wrong.

The reason I am using Soundcloud is that I hope I can benefit from the social interaction and collaboration from it. I think Soundcloud is going to be big, so I want to me involved with it.

Another podcaster I respect uses Spreaker and I was involved with a podcast that used Podomatic. Any thoughts on those?
+Ian Anderson Gray Hi Ian! I hope you saw the section here where you can introduce yourself and show off your show. :)
I saw your podcast over there on SoundCloud and congrats on getting the show off the ground. It's so exciting to launch a new show. 
I was considering using SoundCloud for my iTunes feed also until I started running out of space quickly! In fact this morning I had to delete some old episodes in order to upload a new one so I'm really disappointed at the pricing structure. My shows are around 20 - 30 minutes lately which means I would need a ProPlus account if I update my show regularly. I don't know the current currency conversion rate (since their pricing is listed in pounds) but it looks like it would cost well over $500 USD. Yikes!
Hence my decision to go with Libsyn :)
Wow- you're right. In fact the prices are listed in Euros which would mean at current conversion rates we'd be looking at $660 per year which is nuts. I think it's not going to be an issue for me at the start as my shows are going to be around 5 mins. Perhaps one way is to have them with both Soundcloud and Libsyn and you get the best of both worlds- but it would mean deleting old shows of Soundcloud.
I use a $5/mo unlimited shared hosting plan I am sure I will want to go to libsyn at some point but for now it is working.

In blogger I added the WordPress audio player which has a standalone option. I use feedburner to get a iTunes compatible feed and for stats.

Best thing is that I don't have it udade any plugins and after a year of podcasring I never had a down time.
+Bjorn Behrendt where are you finding the WordPress audio player that works inside of Blogger? Is that a gadget/widget? 
+Bjorn Behrendt that's an interesting set up. Please beware of "unlimited" hosting plans because many of them are not as they claim. This is the first time I've heard of SiteGround though. 
I don't want a solution that involves code because it's not my forte. This is why I'm using Blogger because I want something super simple that doesn't involve plugins or code. My goal is to have a work flow that is as low tech as possible.

Btw - I asked on another thread but I didn't see your response - what is your iTunes url?  
Thanks for all the info. 
+Ileane Smith I don't have an answer to your question, but the conversation has brought up a few for me.

I'm wondering why folks would want to have a podcast split from their main site too, unless it's for the extra SEO brownie points of having another well ranking site linking back to your main site. While that's a plus, for now, it also makes your audience work harder to follow you. And, if you already have paid hosting, it's easy to get another domain and set up another site there. Would still give you the SEO points.

I believe Feedburner is in a slow, controlled shut down by Google. I would not want to chance a popular show to either free blogging platform, free storage, or free delivery.

Since I also have videos, I host them and the podcast files on AS3.

I publish my podcast on my main site and make the show notes a blog post, along with the audio player, and place it in the podcast category so it can have a feed URL. That's easy to send to iTunes and other services via the PowerPress XML file. (Prior to PowerPress I made my own XML file.)

By having it's own category, I can make it an Interest Group segment in MailChimp and offer it as a subscription that way. Can do the same with Aweber.

Nice thing about MailChimp is that you can import your Feedburner subscribers to your Group and they will not get a double-optin confirmation. It will be seamless. Not so with Aweber, and you may lose a little audience.
+Ileane Smith ith I posted the iTunes link to the other post but here it is again. I don't publisize it because of the nofollow.

I would not recommend SiteGround perse but they have worked well for me. I understand, and hope, that I out grow it but until someone complains I will take the cost savings.

The coding for that is very minimal and it has been set and forget for the past year.
Well Ilene its kind of like this: Can I paint with peanut butter? You can. But I don't recommend it. I prefer paint.  I do have clients who have used Ning and Drupal for their sites and they don't feel like either switching, or having the podcast have its own website, so in those cases I use for all the podcasting stuff (yes use sopfree fora free month - I can't help myself) and then I use (or to put the player on their website (in both cases they were not interested in linking to a "post"). See this it In that instance we use the player (which I like better than podtrac).
I've done it with Blogger + feedburner's smartfeed.  You can avoid having to roll  your own rss feed that way. It works but you do still have to host your media somewhere.
Fash is not a big deal for me. I'd they come to my site via mobile or tablet chances are that are going to use a podcast player instead of my webpage.
You can also edit your libsyn blog is you know HTML and CSS -  this is a custom libsyn blog I did for my show -
+Rob Walch thanks. I know you didn't get a chance to read this whole thread - but I am using Libsyn and pushing it to Blogger. I would like my blog url to appear on my iTunes page instead of the Libsyn url. Is that possible with this set-up?
Yes - you can change the URL that shows up on iTunes for the "podcast website" link - in your account on libsyn - click on the gears icon - then in the pop up window change the Website URL - to what ever you want to link out from iTunes.  Per artwork - when uploading new artwork make sure to change the file name from the previous version.  Also make sure you do not have the iTunes tags turned on for feedburner.  
+Rob Walch I did change the file name. Can you show me where to turn off the iTunes tag in Feedburner? There are so many tabs over there....
+Rob Walch aha! I think I found it. Is that the check box that says " Include iTunes podcasting elements"
Yes - under the Optimize tab - then - SmartCast - make sure you have the check box de-selected - next to "include itunes podcasting elements"  That will mess you up if it is selected.  And you already have the itunes tags filled out in your libsyn account under destination - so de-selecting that box should fix your issue. However you will likely not see any updates to your show in iTunes until after dec 27th - right now it is locked down for updates.  
+Rob Walch Thanks so much!!! That is exactly the kind of detailed info I was looking for (referring to the check box). I couldn't find that in the support area for some reason. So glad you joined this community. :)
+Rob Walch I also wanted to say that I'm not familiar with code (HTML or CSS) which is why I wanted to use Blogger instead of setting up a new WordPress blog. I also didn't want to use any plugins. I wanted the simplest low-tech solution that I could pass on to others who are afraid to take the plunge. When I heard you talking about using Blogger on +Ray Ortega's show I got really excited because even though I'm a WordPress fan, I always keep a Blogger blog handy so I can stay on top of any new features they introduce. fyi - they added a great feature this week that allows us to @ mention people with their Google + profile in our blog posts...gee whiz I'm just going on and on...let me get over here to Feedburner.....C-ya!!
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