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Best Authentic Italian Recipes
Best Authentic Italian Recipes

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I often receive good feedback on my easy and best ‪#‎Gnocchi‬ Recipe, but the last one left me speechless!
If you think that making Gnocchi is complicated and messy, try this "keeper" recipe and you would change your mind! Your home will become the BEST restaurant.
And BTW, thank you readers for letting me know your results!

Recipe here:

Last comment: "You are a rock star. I have tried 6 different Gnocchi recipe's. This turned out perfect. Microwaving is how i used to make baked potatoes. I used that method again thanks do you. I am so pleased with the final result and so was the family. My wife thought I was being lazy and ordered in and threw in on a plate. She still did not believe me until I brought her here. Last nights supper was a success. Thanks so much for sharing this"
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Did you know that exists a vending machine that makes pizza in just 2,5 minutes with fresh ingredients???
I want one in my office!!! What do you think?
Thanks to italian engineers that never stops to invent amazing things! #italianproud

For Italy:
For UK:

Disclosure: this is not and AD post, I've just discovered that and want to share it with you.

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{NEW} Pastiera Napoletana and its Secrets - Authentic Neapolitan Ricotta and Wheat Berry Easter Pie Step-by-Step

A comfort and tasty pie crust (called “pasta frolla” in italian) filled with whole wheat berries cooked in milk mixed with ricotta, eggs, sugar, candied citron, a mix of spices and the typical “springy” scent of orange blossom. Simply amazing!

‪#‎Recipe‬ here -->

‪#‎italianfood‬ ‪#‎italianrecipe‬ ‪#‎easter‬ ‪#‎ricotta‬ ‪#‎pie‬ ‪#‎pastiera‬ ‪#‎delicious‬ #italian #dessert
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A traditional Venetian ‪#‎offal‬ ‪#‎recipe‬ and a healthy second course!
Just 30 minutes to serve this tender, delicate but tasty recipe that you wouldn't say it's liver!

Recipe here ->…/
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Do you know how to make a good, easy and fool-proof #Béchamel #Sauce?
Here you can find some tips to help you achieve a rich, creamy and velvety sauce in less than 20 minutes, perfect for baked #pasta or #vegetables!

#Recipe and #Tips here:

#italianfood #italy #emiliaromagna #delicious #italianrecipes


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Do you need any suggestions for a delicious #Christmas #dessert?
Here's one of my most viewed post, where I still receive so many positive feedbacks:
Authentic Italian Cheesecake with #Ricotta and #Mascarpone #recipe, so fluffy and delicate but rich in flavour!

Check it out here:

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BONUS to all readers!
If you do not #win my #Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months aged #cheese, you can still get some top Parmigiano Reggiano or Parma Ham at a great price (Europe, Japan or U.S.A.). is giving my readers a 5% discount on all no discounted items. In your shopping cart you just have to add this code: ILARIA05

More info on: #parmesan

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What are you eating for dinner? We're eating my soft and #doughy #pizza!
Have you ever tasted a #delicious Pizza al Taglio in an #italian bakery?
That's the #copycat recipe adapted for the home-oven and the secret to make the dough really fluffy!

#Recipe here-->

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{NEW} #Giveaway!!! Read my new post to learn how to #win 1kg / 2,2 pounds #Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. 36 months aged #cheese and a very nice ceramic grated cheese bowl!!!
You have time to enter the giveaway until #Christmas!
Good Luck!!!

Today my son is at a friend's house, so I have time to make tests to find the best home-made #Torrone recipe.
What are you doing today? Are you staying at home or going out?

Do you know what's Torrone? An Italian candy made of sugar, egg whites, honey, halzenut and/or almonds, most often enjoyed around the Christmas holidays. I really can't get enough of it!
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