+Ryan Sipes +System76 - seriously?


Look, I'm not going to rip the arse out of you for creating a completely unnecessary distro (You know this is basically a wallpaper respin.) - but if you're gonna go down the distro route, start doing things properly now please.

Example: https://github.com/system76/pop-gnome-shell/commit/10b75ae7d89a188a94517c72ef92c6d7b71a8f7b

You don't fork GNOME Shell to replace the built in theme. You enable the GNOME Shell User Theme extension by default and configure it

Enabling default extensions:


Setting default theme:


Go poke around that Solus branding repo, and if you're then left with any questions about how you should be doing things, reach out to myself or +Martin Wimpress or any of the other distro leads around the community so we can set you on the right path. You have a fair few customers and I deem a few of them friends, so let's get this right the first time. I strongly advise you don't go down this road alone.
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