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Keep seeing comments about Consort on various websites
Things like "Do we really need this?"
Well, don't use it. Simple as. Its mainly for SolusOS users and has always been planned. Just because something is made public, does not mean its going to be forced on anyone. I'm not the one who chose to put the news on all these blogs and sites, the owners did :)

Also unresearched comments such as this one from phoronix forums:
"So another clown squad decided to grow neckbeards and humiliate themselves. Did they contact upstream to ask for maintainership or how to proceed forward? No. They say upstream is dead that is not quite true. Increasingly inactive yes but the infrastructure is working and a lot of people keeps an eye on the code.

Forking is taking over complete responsibility which these havent shown at upstream. This is just a bunch of lame ass forksters having a few minutes of fame. "

Actually, upstream were contacted far too many times. Unwilling to hand over the projects if they were in any way altered from a fallback mode. I had many conversations with Vincent Untz about taking over gnome-panel. They had no interest in bringing any life or usefulness into fallback.

Was there any choice but to fork? No. Does it affect anyone who isn't going to use it? No. Yes there are lots of GNOME forks. None of them fit the criteria for SolusOS. I'm really not going to be explaining this all again. People just need to stop looking for things that aren't there and just reading.

Simples :)
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I'd like to answer this question: "Do we really need this?"

The answer is "Hell yes we need this." Looking at what Consort has to offer, I'm encouraged. I think it looks spectacular. That aside, even if Consort sucked, we'd still need it. It's called diversity, and without it we get stagnation followed by death. We need to be constantly looking for ways to improve our environment. Some ways will be dead ends. That's just the way things are, but even ideas that fail teach us in the long run. So, to the dinosaurs that don't think we need this, go find yourself a tar pit to sleep in. The rest of us are moving forward.
"Was there any choice but to fork? No."

I'm a bit sad that you think that. the GNOME project removed metacity and gnome-panel from the release for 3.8 in order to let others pick those two projects up and work on them; forking wasn't really necessary: you could have asked to get a git and SSH accounts on the GNOME infrastructure, and could have saved from a pass of sed and a bunch of work.
Bit more work to it than just sed +Emmanuele Bassi and I've already answered you on the SolusOS blog. I was hit with roadblock after roadblock all the way along from GNOME. I also fail to understand why you're all so 'saddened' by this? I never saw the same reaction to Cinnamon.
Haters are gonna hate, ignore them and keep up the great work +Ikey D!
F*ck them. Next year they'll be showing off their CoDE. :D
+Ikey D what kinds of roadblocks? care to elaborate, so that we can remove them?

and yes, I had the same reaction to Mate and Cinnamon: I'm sad that people decided to fork instead of working with us from within the infrastructure that we have in place.

to be absolutely clear: I don't begrudge anyone the right to fork; it's encoded in the license, and in our ethos, and even in the tools we use every day (after all, every clone of our repositories is a fork, in some sense). I don't mind people forking GNOME projects if they want to take them in new directions. I'm saddened, though, if the projects being forked are actually unmaintained and ready to be picked up as they are, instead of forked.
I've already commented on the blog as well, but let me repeat it here as well: the situation was very different before we decided to drop fallback mode (which was roughly two months ago). So whatever roadblocks you hit by GNOME maintainers before that should be gone now.

(I'd like to add that I was not approached by anyone regarding Metacity maintainership, so I fail to see how I put roadblocks in anyone's way)
Indeed its sad but GNOME moving the goalposts at the last minute isn't something I accounted for
I've tried for too long to be rebuked constantly. If you want someone to blame, blame Vincent Untz. However as yourselves have explained it was because of wanting to keep fallback.
Then you didn't want to keep it. Then you did.. etc.
Now you're dropping it. And introducing a new kind of classic experience?
Not one inch of consistency. I need consistency. I made the decision quite some time ago to fork the fallback session as GNOME didn't have a clue what they were doing with it (At least not in the public eye)
Now at the last minute, when things have now been comitted, I'm expected to change my plans?
The changes were kept as public patches for a considerable amount of time and GNOME had no interest in incorporating them, other distributions wouldnt incorporate them because nobody knew if fallback was staying around or not.

+Florian Müllner nobody said you were putting roadblocks in the way. This seems to be becoming some personal thing now which makes no sense.

If we can all just be a bit more honest here and stop saying "saddened" and actually say why its such a problem to GNOME what I'm doing? At least all be reading from the same page
Consort FTW!! Now using athena :) waiting for the rest of the enviroment
+Ikey D No worries, I'm not personally offended. Still, forking Metacity without approaching upstream first tells me that you just assumed that doing so would be pointless anyway. At least from my experience, this is a perception problem rather than a reality - the fact that this misperception is rather common doesn't make it any less sad (but being common makes it understandable that you fell for it, i.e. I am not trying to blame you for anything).
+Florian Müllner maybe he was afraid he would get an excuse on par with closing the lid without suspending causes laptops to catch fire. XD
I am so going to use these comments. Typical reaction from the Gnome camp.

"Oh we are so hurt and crippled by you thinking for yourself! Ow please stop!" and other forms of pathetic.

When Gnome learns to work with others, and to stop rejecting patches just because it is possible, then maybe the forking will stop.
At the end of the day it was Gnome that went off re-did the 'desktop' in such a way that most people hated it. Simple things like the clock which couldn't be moved to the users preference and many other bits - then Gnome wonders why there are so many forks??!! That's  aside from any issues Ikey has had trying to work with Gnome.

If you create something no one likes you can not expect people/users to continue blindly following that project - especially not in the world of Linux where there is choice and freedom!

I think the gist of it is that there are probably more users using forks and fall-backs of gnome2 than there are users of gnome3, if I where a Dev at Gnome i'd feel pretty bummed at the thought of that!!
+Florian Müllner +Emmanuele Bassi: the GNOME team has decided to stop listening the community. You has announce the drop of gnome panel... not +Ikey D. Just keep yourself in your own bubble where you think that the users are satisfied with the direction you took, and let +Ikey D in peace, to fix all the mess you have done.
groni g
My Opinion is that the Gnome Developers are scared that the Users run away from Gnome 3 to Consort.
I tought that Open Source was
Everyone who can develop  can make his own System
also free Sources and free develop.
But when i read the comments from the Gnome Developers here must i say that tought from you is not a OpenSource tough.
And as Mate and Cinnamon came out you have not say "we are sad that you make it so"
And who have ask all User "would you have Gnome3" so as i mean did it nobody
I'm as a simple User nobody has ask me.
And who has said with Gnome 3.8 removed we the Fallback mode.
I coudt tell here more than this but i do it not
To this comments from you i say
I be proud of the develop from Ikey, and i be that not alone
and +Ikey D do it further so and let they said what the will
you made a good work and you have my support and from all SolusOS User
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