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In your own opinion, which is the more viable consumer technology, one with the most impact both to users in terms of distribution, and for the developers in reliably propagating their software to those users?

Secondly, if you're able to elaborate on the why, that'd be great.

For brownie points, if either of them allows distribution of Google Chrome (specifically, not Chromium!) - please say so, and link! :)

Sidenote: I'm completely uninterested in "allows me to run unstable gedit". I'm talking about mainstream software, akin to the Third Party selection available in Solus.
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I maybe bought a monitor. Maybe.

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Like how they went for specificity.



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Sadface that I couldn't be in this one, but just didn't have voice for the talkings.
That said I've listened to the latest episode and it's great work from the guys as usual, with some interesting points from +Richard Brown :)
With Ikey languishing in his sick bed, the rest of the team discussed even more Linux hardware, Munich probably switching back to Windows, Elementary’s potentially ill-fated crowdfunded app store, Félim’s new phone and loads more. Plus we learn more about OpenSUSE from its chairman Richard Brown on LNL 04.

Found a novel way to deal with being ill this time.

..Bought Farming Simulator 2017. Yep... Spent half an hour driving around in a virtual tractor..

Breakfast: Weetabix "on the go" breakfast drink.

..Oh how the mighty have fallen..


There is most certainly a point at which it is too late to have found the last pin in the shirt collar.

Blah. feel like I got hit by a bus. Time for some R&R.. (hopefully..)
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