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Angel Investor/Seed Fundraising Expert.

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198TILG CEO Networks, USA just published press release by Ike Lemuwa

What a wonderful day, to be close to history. At the inauguration
The Great News, is the entire world is watching democracy in action.

I hope and pray for a time we all can come together and look beyond our differences.

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How could this be happening in 2015!!, I personally believe Hon. Balalbn Na'allah, deserves a fair chance.. to face the elecctorates that elected him in the first place... when The People of Nigeria Speaks, the elected official should listen and wake up to understand its no longer a business as usual... 

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198TILG Publishing Marketplace, USA, a Ike Lemuwa Company, is testing the design of a community fundraising kit.
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198TILG Publishing Marketplace, USA, a Ike Lemuwa Company is testing current design covers before local, regional, national and global book launch that covers 198 to 200 nations.

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198Crowdfunding Campaign Blue Print, one of the ways you can become successful in crowdfunding campaign is study the case studies of extremely successful and failed crowdfunding campaign then craft your campaign to give you the results you expected

10 Important Things You need To Have Established Before Approaching a CEO/Business Owner For Partnerships Or Joint Ventures

For many small business owners or small-game entrepreneurs, they’re focusing on growing their business. Many times, entrepreneurs are open to the idea of partnerships or joint ventures if the partnership will inevitably grow their business. More often than not, these entrepreneurs will approach already-successful business owners in the hopes that the previous success can be leveraged to take their business to the next level. 
However, if you put yourself in the successful Business Owner’s shoes, it can be quite time consuming and difficult to understand how established a future partner is on their business. To help increase your chance of getting a partnership, we’ve created a checklist of the top 10 thing you need to have established before you should even think about approaching someone for a partnership or joint venture. 

Personal Branding
Most importantly, you should have a personal brand established. If you do not have this done yet, you should consider doing so. However, equally important to having a personal brand established is to be able to explain your branding. If any questions do arise, you should be able to explain your personal brand strategy in great detail.
Company Branding
Similarly to the previous tip, you should have a correct company branding structure. If that isn’t enough, you should be able to talk about and explain
The benefit for the potential partner
The savings you will provide within said partnership
Reliability and determination you bring to the table
Accountability for any business partner for any time of any day
If you’re not able to talk about each and every one of these points, you need to go back and work on your companies branding and figure out an effective way to explain the direct benefits the projected partner will receive if a partnership is formed. 
Authority Within Your Niche
If you’re not an influential player within your given niche, this is a huge turn off to future partners. By establishing yourself or your company as an authority within your target niche, you’ll not only be able to provide more value, but you’ll likely have an increased following. 
Talk About Previous Partnerships
Have you worked with other partners before this? If so, you must be willing to discuss this and talk about how the relationship either grew or hurt the business. Be open to talk about if and how the partnership ended and why. Being transparent about previous partnerships or joint ventures is huge.
Give First, Ask Later
Instead of asking for help with your business first, consider helping the future partner with his/her business. By offering value first, you will come off as a very honest, caring, and giving person who is willing to help others and will be an active player in the partnership. Once you’ve established your help with the person’s company, you can then leverage this as a way to ask for the partnership.
Positive Company Reinforcement
Want to be immediately noticed and liked by a future prospect for partnership? Go above and beyond by promoting the CEO or his/her business without having to be asked. By going out of your way and writing positive articles about the CEO or business, you’ll immediately have an increased support.
 Positive Reviews
Believe it or not, many CEO’s and Presidents of a company love to read positive reviews about their products and services. Call it an ego-booster, but it’s something that will help warm up the CEO to you. Be sure to write a handful of positive reviews reflecting the potential partner’s product or service and express how much it helped you. 
One of the most overlooked opportunities to warming up a potential partnership prospect is to write a positively reinforced news publication about him/her and/or their business. It’s important to note, however, that you should first ask for permission before syndicating a news post. More likely than not, most people will absolutely love the publication.
Positive Social Media Exposure
If you’re serious about getting this partnership or joint venture deal, you may want to do some extra work. With a little bit of elbow grease, one can easily search online and find topics talking about the CEO or President. Hop into the conversation and provide honest comments that will positively reflect the future partner. In the more recent years, Social media is a perfect medium for finding and promoting a person or his/her company. 
Video Testimonials
Don’t be afraid to get in front of a camera and leave a positive, yet honest testimonial about a company or its CEO. Do not make a super-long video testimonial, simply remove the fluff, make your point, and upload it to a popular video sharing site. 

Following this simple 10-point checklist you’ll greatly increase your chance of getting the partnership or the joint venture deal. Although there is no guarantee, doing all 10 of these things will surely get your prospect interested in you and will be more willing to listen to why the partnership would be a good deal for both partners. 
However, it should be noted that this 10-point checklist will not work overnight. Instead, it will take time, and you need to allow proper time before approaching any CEO for a joint venture. 

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Top 10 Important Thing You need to have established before approaching a CEO/Business Owner for Partnership or Joint Venture
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