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Really cool feature of the new Google Hangouts app for Android/iOS/web? In a group chat, if you and your friends post photos, they'll be accessible at under the "Albums" link!
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Ikai do you know if they are planning to give us back the online status indicator?
+Martin Brochhaus I don't know very much about the Hangouts product roadmaps, but I suspect the thinking is that presence information: you always have your phone, and thus online status is becoming far less important than read message status. Still, there's an argument for "where are you" type of presence, so maybe that is something that may be considered. Personally, I've found that the online status indicator has always been misleading at best: it flashed green when your phone wasn't sleeping, and it was unpredictable on the web.
+Martin Brochhaus +Ikai Lan Are you guys talking about the green/red status indicator, the status string, or both? I still see a green underline for contacts which are online and seem like they will reply quickly.
+Shawn Drape oh my god! That's so subtle, I never saw it. You made my day. I'm a happy Google lover again :)
What, why? It's a public feature and something we didn't notice ourselves. You deserve an h/t.
Oh ... you must be talking about +Shawn Drape's post! Yes quote him, quote away =).
Nope, still talking about you and your Photos tip. You're getting the credit damnit, even if I have to stuff it down your throat or feed it on a spoon.
+Artem Russakovskii okay that's fine =) I thought you were trying to quote me about product roadmaps and stuff. Which I don't get access to.
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