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Buying Insurance: Evolving Distribution Channels – Worksite marketing; Chart: worksite life insurance sales by line of business, 2014

Compulsory Auto/Uninsured Motorists – Minimum financial responsibility limits; Undocumented immigrants’ drivers licenses

Earthquakes: Risk and Insurance Issues – Earthquake coverage

Flood Insurance – Chart: Top 10 most significant flood events by National Flood Insurance Program payouts

Older Drivers – Up front; Topic; Key statistics

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+Insurance Information Institute 's "Hurricane #Katrina: 10 Years Later" infographic has made it to the biggest stage in the world: Times Square. 
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So many issues, they ought to be subscriptions ...
Pay a visit to our latest ISSUES UPDATES: 

Buying Insurance: Evolving Distribution Channels – Life insurance distribution; Chart: Life individual market share by distribution channel, 2005-2014

Compulsory Auto/Uninsured Motorists – E-Commerce laws

Credit Scoring – Background: Typical provisions in legislation regulating insurers’ use of credit information

Flood Insurance – Chart: National Flood Insurance Program, 1980-2014

Insolvencies/Guaranty Funds – Charts: Property/casualty guaranty fund net assessments, 2005-2014; Property/casualty guaranty fund net assessments by state, 2014

Wildfires – 2015 Wildfire season

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Please help us get to Austin next year by voting for our #SXSW  Interactive panel: Hacking Your Ride: Transportation Safety and Risk. Voting ends September 4th! 
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A presentation from +Swiss Re /+iiiorg webinar of September, 28, 2015.

This publcation incorporates Swiss Re Sigma report, and insights from The Insurance Information Institute's president, Dr. Robert Hartwig into the U.S.'s regulatory climate and its unique market dynamics, the presentation offers global overview of the "Protection Gap" problem, analyzing how the U.S. markets measure up, and surveying some of the root causes of shortfalls that are global in nature, threatening U.S. Markets, as well as those in other industrialized and developing countries. 

Download here:
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Issues Updates. Now with Electrolytes...:

Auto Crashes – Chart: State seatbelt use laws
Auto Theft – Thefts by model; Charts: Top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles, 2014; Top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles, 2014 model year
Crop Insurance – Charts: Crop-hail insurance, 2005-2014; Multiple peril crop insurance, 2005-2014; Top 10 writers of multiple peril crop insurance by direct premiums written, 2014
Compulsory Auto/Uninsured Motorists – Chart: Automobile financial responsibility limits and enforcement by state
Drunk Driving – Chart: State laws curbing drunk driving
Older Drivers – Chart: State drivers license renewal laws including requirements for older drivers
Wildfires – 2015 Wildfire season

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#Insurance for #college #tuition? Well, given the costs associated with an #education these days, not such a crazy idea.

#WaPo has more. #BackToSchool
No family wants to envision a child withdrawing from school, but with the high cost of college some parents are planning ahead.
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Coming up on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane #Katrina , the costliest #natcat  event in American insurance history, this would be a great opportunity to view the disaster from an #insurance  perspective--then and now.
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Was your business affected by recent flooding in the #Tampa Bay area?  
By Lynne McChristian August 11, 2015. ph_opensign_blog. Residents of the Tampa Bay area, particularly in parts of Pasco County, experienced the unfortunate impact of flooding last week. Days of rain and a saturated earth around the Anclote River created circumstances that a local newspaper ...
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This week in #Check20  : How to Avoid Buying a Flooded or Salvaged #Car  
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