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A great article on talking to #depressed people on #theguardian
I would only add the point "Don't ask what's wrong" along with it's variations (which is similar, but not the same as the point "Why not just cheer up?").

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Jean-Paul Mari: The chilling aftershock of a brush with death #TED :

It's not as simple as mr. Mari makes it seem to cure PTSD, but he does a great job explaining about PTSD - thank you mr. Mari for this and I hope people start to understand this.
And also understand it's not just war, it can be any brush with mortality...

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This is what the world looks like today... Something beautiful is there somewhere among a whole lot of depressing things... The flowers that rise like this one are withering and dying... They've become extremely rare...

Why has humanity deteriorated so?

Are you the flower or the leaves from this photo?
If you care about which one you are more than whether the photo is full of flowers, you're just trying to fool people and/or yourself that you are the flower... We need a collective effort to add more flowers, not think about whether we, as individuals, are flowers or leaves...
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