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INTJ with a smile :-)
INTJ with a smile :-)

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It was funny to see the INTJ guy being surrounded by ENFPs:

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Inspired by +Daniel Reyes  question i remembered this video.

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I`ve been so hyped about this movie and went to see it yesterday, some nice exposition to a charming robot but in the end it got a little too emotional to my tastes. 
You guys watched it?
What were your impressions about the scientific exposition of the movie?
Bring in the popcorn!

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this is just too good

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EDM from the noughts 

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This is probably one of the best memes ever. The implications of the actions showed in the video are worrying:
- She physically and psychologically abused a disabled child
-She is in a relationship with a minor, so she's a pedo
- She stabbed the guy who supposedly has a relationship
- She almost (or kill) an elder lady
All of this played hammishly beautifully. I love it and still watch it.
#meme #malditalisiada

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Watched the South Park episode "The list" last night. That episode showed how beautiful people get an easier time than uglier people and how ugly people tend to become more introverted and how they have to work harder than they more beautiful colleagues.
Zany hijinks aside, it got me thinking how physical attractiveness is related to being more extroverted or not. Granted, people see being extroverted as the default for ugly and beautiful people but being pretty means that the others tend to be more attentive to the more physically pleasing guy rather than then less aesthetically graced and there are a couple of sites and wiki that agree with this notion.
However, I stumbled across this blog which addresses the topic of being attractive and introverted, with a lot of commentary, with inclusion some self-declared INTJ (the author being a mastermind herself too) .
So ...being pretty is a ticket to being more socially able?
Being an introvert It is completely independent from being good looking or not ?
Some introverted are completely unaware how good looking they are?
So many questions right now

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Happy International Book Day fellow Masterminds !

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Really spectacular photo shoot
Take a look at Ruven Afanador’s strange, sculptural, intense photographs of members of the Paul Taylor Dance Company rehearsing “Cloven Kingdom”:

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You can't mess with an angry cat
You don’t want to mess with this feline. A family in the US was forced to call for help after their cat held them hostage!

Listen to the 911 call:

It must have been an usual call for the Portland, Oregon police. A family called them after their angry pet cat scratched their seven-month-old baby. But that wasn’t it. The 22 pound feline then cornered them inside of a room, forcing them to call emergency services to escape. Well, we haven’t heard that one before.

#Cat #Hostage #Portland #Oregon
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