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Ignacio Hermo
Conference interpreter (AIIC), translator, CAT trainer and voice artist
Conference interpreter (AIIC), translator, CAT trainer and voice artist
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Video de presentación de la candidata a presidenta de AIIC. Gracias, Angela. 
Why I am standing for President of AIIC
Video in Spanish (2 minutes)
In eigener Sache: Meine Kandidatur für die AIIC-Präsidentschaft
"I want all members to enjoy the respect, the trust and the loyalty they deserve as professionals.
I want us to push for a more democratic and inclusive way of working together.
First and foremost, I want to get AIIC back on track.
What I want to achieve for AIIC
The main objective of any professional association is to improve market opportunities and working conditions for its members.
A necessary first step is to improve the image and enhance the visibility of conference interpreting as a profession. By doing so, AIIC members will be in a better position to differentiate themselves from the competition..."
Dear AIIC members: Read more on AIIC's extranet:

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The advantages of remote interpreting 

Get an impression of remote conference interpreting of a web-based conference call in real life. Watch this video!

And now seriously. Will remote solutions help us work better, and possibly make our lives easier by reducing travel stress? Or will the spread of remote interpreting spell the end of our profession as we know it? Don't miss our last blog post, a conversation with Thomas Binder, chair of the Technical and Health Committee, about remote interpreting and new technologies:

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Amazing... Watch until the end!

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Warum afghanische Dolmetscher um ihr Leben bangen

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Interpreters being killed

Following our post from yesterday, here is a selection of press articles regarding interpreters who worked with ISAF forces in Afghanistan and their current situation (in German):

Berliner Zeitung:

Südwest Presse:

Schwäbisches Tagblatt:

Read also the Open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel:

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Time tracking for interpreters
Second part. It features examples and tool suggestions.

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Time tracking for interpreters - 2nd part!

After the first part (available here: the second and final part of this post on time tracking has been published.

Read practical examples and suggestions and discover the tools the authors use.

For more views on time tracking software check out the discussion on

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Time tracking
First part

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It pays to know where your time goes

Tracking time spent on various professional activities can help interpreters in more ways than one. Read the first part available on our blog. The second part will feature several examples and different tools, so stay tuned!

How do other colleagues track their time? Read or have your say here:

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Consecutive kit

Extraordinarily informative video compilation by +Lourdes De Rioja on note-taking and consecutive analysis. The best of its kind!

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Bye bye TeamViewer...
Neue App: Via Hangout auf andere Computer zugreifen

Super Update: Gestern stellte Googler +Daniel Caiafa eine neu App für die Hangouts vor. Mit "Remote Desktop" könnt ihr ab sofort auf die Computer anderer Teilnehmer zugreifen und ihnen dort z.B. bei technischen Problemen direkt weiterhelfen. (Meine Mutter wird sich freuen ;))

Um die App zu installieren, starte ein Hangout und wähle rechts in der Leiste über die drei Punkte die Option "Apps hinzufügen" aus. Direkt als erstes sollte "Remote Desktop" angezeigt werden. Installiert sie und schon könnt ihr anfangen.

Dabei stellt ihr eine Anfrage an Teilnehmer X, dass ihr auf seinen Computer zugreifen möchtet. Erst wenn er die Anfrage akzeptiert, übernehmt ihr die Kontrolle über seinen Rechner.

Ich denke, dass diese App die Hangouts nochmal pushen wird, da man dadurch nicht mehr auf andere Programme von Drittanbietern ausweichen muss. 

Weitere Infos sowie Screenshots im Original-Beitrag:

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Great deathly overview...
It's giving me ideas...
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