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Computer, Laptop and Apple repairs in Southampton and surrounding areas
Computer, Laptop and Apple repairs in Southampton and surrounding areas


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Windows 10 free upgrade is coming to an end!
Below is our expertise advice on how to take advantage of Windows 10 free upgrade, before it ends. But time is running out so read below and book an appointment before you miss out on this opportunity!
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What to do after water spillage on your notebook 
1. Turn it off immediately – you have to turn it off immediately, unplug a/c adapter from a wall. 
2. Turn your computer upside down (keyboard facing table). It will stop more liquid seeping inside into your computer.
3. Take the battery out. It will prevent risk of short out.
4. Unplug all external devices
5. As soon as you can take your computer to computer repair shop for proper cleaning.  Don’t try to turn it on, and don’t waist to much time because acid in liquids (sodas or coffee) can cause corrosion of metal parts. 
If you fallow these steps there is a great chance to save your computer. 
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My computer does not need a health check - Does it ? 
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Happy new year 
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Every year, chooses an antivirus software developer to partner for the upcoming year. There are many requirements that we look at before choosing the right product for us and our customers, such as: how easy it is to use the product, how a product affects the performance of our client’s computers, how well supported and updated the software, how well it does protect from various threats, value for money and etc...
This year we had chosen to work together with BullGuard Global Internet Security Software developer.

Choose BullGuard Internet Security Software, it’s a way to go this year!

BullGuard Internet Security Software is really simple to use. Each feature has its own module panel where you have an ability to choose how simple or complex the software should interact with you.

Antivirus package automatically updates so you don’t need to worry about that. Antivirus software automatically detects threats, whether it’s a virus or malware, and stops them before they can do any damage. BullGuard internet security software has top detection rates of viruses and malware that have been proven by independent specialists and labs.

Easy to use tool that helps you protect your children by blocking access to suspicious websites, putting search filters in place and limit their time online. It allows you to monitor their activity and keeps children safe from cyber bullying or inappropriate content online.

BullGuard internet security package includes free 5GB of online storage to store your important files, such as documents, pictures, music or anything else. Smart backup software allows you to set the frequency of backups and access your files from other devices.

Controls communications to and from your computer and prevents unwanted hackers and identity thieves from entering your system.

Scans and keeps out junk mail and email scams out of your inbox if you download emails directly to your computer.

Checks your internet search results and warns you if the website has some malicious code in them.

Removes unnecessary files and frees up some memory in order your computer would launch and run faster.

Playing games? Turn on “Game Mode” and BullGuard Internet Security package will frees up resources of your computer in order you could have smooth gaming experience.

Security software checks your computer for out-dated software which hackers can use to their advantage. - computer repairs specialists in Southampton will be glad to help you with any questions regards BullGuard antivirus and security software package. We work close with BullGuard and can always pass your problems to the member of their team.
BullGuard internet security software is a solid and reliable choice for managing your internet security.

or follow the link:
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