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IDU Budgeting and Reporting Solutions
IDU makes budgeting, forecasting, performance management and reporting tools to simplify financial management.
IDU makes budgeting, forecasting, performance management and reporting tools to simplify financial management.

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IDU is very proud to feature as one of the top 25 Corporate Planning Applications in the 2017 Gartner Market Guide. 

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Gartner selects IDU as one of the top 25 Corporate Planning Applications in the 2017 Gartner Market Guide.
Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company recently
published their Market Guide for Corporate Planning Applications.  IDU is
very proud to have our award-winning Budgeting and Reporting Software
idu-Concept recognized amongst the best in th...

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Major system migration is never easy and the pitfalls are many, despite what the salesman tells you! However, if you approach challenges with eyes wide open you are better prepared to identify the potential pitfalls and navigate around them. 

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FS system migrations: Beware the pitfalls and enjoy the upsides
The Apple iPad is only seven years old this year. Believe it or not, the first one was launched in April 2010, and if you dig a first generation iPad out of the storage cupboard you’ll find it’s probably more useful as a paperweight than anything else – it ...

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To keep up effectively, organisations need to slow down to change gear – is that once you have done this, the outcome is not only winning the time you need to innovate, but also gaining the data and other capabilities you need to succeed in a digital world.

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How running to standstill won't get you ahead of the pack
Ask anyone how they are nowadays, and the answer is likely to be ‘crazy busy’ or something along those lines. Today’s world, designed around convenience and speed, seems to have had the exact opposite effect. We’re trying to cram more and more into the same...

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Businesses that don’t take an entrepreneurial view of their internal or external operations are going to be left behind. Stop thinking about entrepreneurship as something that happens ‘out there’ and start discovering the entrepreneur within.

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Introducing the corporate entrepreneur
Picture a typical entrepreneur. What springs to mind? Probably a hybrid
of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and a millennial doing something mysterious with
social media in a trendy co-working space. And what link all three of these are
innovation and risk: they...

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But we’re number smiths, not technologists, you cry. Bear with me. Tackling ICT, and demanding it delivers the ROI it promises, can be an important strategy for becoming an industry leader and building lasting relationships with your clients.

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The ICT key to your clients’ hearts and minds
Typically information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the
largest line items on any company’s income statement. For most organisations,
it is second only to salaries. And it’s growing. According to analyst house
Gartner, ICT spend in South Afri...
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