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My latest @Forbes article is about rescuing men from department store hell. #retail #shopping #sales #fashion
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Would you please share your secret custom-shirt source? My husband just burned a nice iron mark onto his favorite one (which was about double the price of the shirts you quoted!).  

I also can't wait for the day retailers' inventory levels are more accesible to consumers.  Nordstrom has made impressive progress in this, but I have a feeling men who hate shopping aren't shopping at Nordstrom.  
Hi +Erin Gordon-Wong, sorry to hear about your husband's tragic shirt loss.   The place I use is NYC called Mohan's Tailor.  Just google them.  They're right near Grand Central.  There are also countless Hong Kong tailors who tour major US cities, set up shop   in a hotel, measure guys, and ship them shirts, pants, suits, etc.  Sam's Tailor from Hong Kong does this.  

Yes, Nordstrom is not quite for the everyman.  At their prices, you can lay back and have one of the salespeople bring you stuff...and dress you.
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