Mocking the meme. Can we talk about you burning down my fucking neighborhood to spite your face? Fuck you people. Get in the long game. Do you even listen to Bernie? Or are you just so pissed off that Bernie isn't really a person, he's just an excuse to be pissed off? Don't like the Democrats? Fine! RUN FOR OFFICE! The GOP have crushed the entire fucking country by keeping their horde focused and splintering the fuck out of their opponents. The entire system is broken. The only long game you have is to run as a DNC candidate and change the system from within. Once you change the two party system to something else, you can protest vote to your fucking heart's content. Until then, letting the GOP win to make yourself feel better for being angry at the DNC is short-sighted and stupid. I'd be fine if you just wanted to cut off your own nose to spite your own face, but burning down your neighborhood, my neighborhood and the whole fucking country to spite your face? You're not just a fucking selfish idiot, you're a fucking selfish asshole. 
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