This meme is beautiful, because it lays out the reality that there is an entire industry that has been built around cultivating and venerating these murderous psychopaths.

It's not an organized industry - it's more like a collection of terrorist cells. Each part of the machinery knows there are other parts who will give them money, fame, power, and glory for pushing their individual parts - the assholes who make carefully engineered, and carefully edited videos creating very deceptive images of Planned Parenthood*, the assholes who repeat the soundbyte message again and again, the politicians who create their own soundbytes like mindless demagogues.

It's all part and parcel of an overall agenda to nurture and cultivate "lone wolves" into violence.

Then these "lone wolves" are worshiped, which only encourages more lunatics to see glory by committing violent mass murder.

(* And if you think "four hours of unedited video" wasn't carefully orchestrated and edited then you're a moron.)
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