Privacy is one of my passions. If you're reading this, and think you have any privacy, you're sadly confused.

Totally agree with the opening sentence of this piece - "latest format into fascism" - fascism, aka corporatism - is a form of government whereby power is stripped from individuals and handed to non-existent entities called "corporations". HUMANS hide behind the paper facade of corporations to commit deeds against other humans.

The concept that my supervisor should be granted privilege into my private life is very pre-industrial revolution and pre-union. In other words, very Dark Ages.

What many of these business owners who might advocate for this fail to realize is that in most instances, there remains someone higher up the food chain.

When not - such as a small business - then the morale crushing intrusion into the private life of the employee does wonders to undermine the small business, leading to failure.

At every possible level, this is class warfare. Destruction of the low- and middle-class is the hallmark of the modern GOP, and this is yet another insidious way to drive that forward.

H/t +Dannie Rutt​ , who probably regrets it :)
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