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Contact Sync for almost Everyone
Contact Sync for almost Everyone


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DIGI Einstellungen startet nicht
Programmierfehler behoben

Danke für den Hinweis. Wir haben bei der Optimierung des Formulars einen Fehler gemacht. Das ist jetzt behoben.

Jetzt sieht der Dialog so ähnlich aus wie bei den Einstellungen am Smartphone.

Weitere Anpassungen sind geplant, bi die Bedienung so funktioniert wie beim Android Smartphone (ein Standard der Material Design genannt wird).
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Post has attachment ... /exec out of order
execution of apps script web app does not start

Anybody else experiencing this issue? Please leave a comment.

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Focus on REALITY
VIRTUALITY works different

".. Durant doesn’t seem quite ready for technology to take hold of the court in terms of getting AI-powered referees — which, given advances in image recognition and machine learning, doesn’t seem too far out of reach...."

How about you?

Using G Suite with AI-powered assistance, e.g. to create a presentation or a new Google Site, that looks great and is easy to maintain, is a small task, but managing a social media profile including interaction with other profiles, can be more challenging.This is why we decided to implement distribution and sharing with Google Drive. For us a social media channel is PR and we aim to connect with real people through private channels, like e-mail, comments on documents or presentations, chat and hangouts.

Wer are no social media marketing experts, we just think, using a social media platform, if it is not Google Plus and the profile is not linked to a G Suite account that was set up in the right way, contributes to data harvesting and profiling of target groups, e.g. for display adds.

One can use a G Suite account to ensure that the information shared will reach those who want it and are qualified for it. The process seems to be more reliable and productive when online collaboration is used.

How is your experience? Would you agree that online collaboration is a more structured process, leading to better results, than just comments on public posts?
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CONTACT Telefon, Adresse, E-Mail
Hinweis auf Update von Gmail

Wer den CONTACT Service des DIGI nutzt, bekommt Erinnerungen an Kontakte mit Links auf E-Mail, Telefon und Adresse per E-Mail geschickt. Ein Klick und Google Maps oder Mail werden geöffnet bzw. eine Verbindung per Telefon aufgebaut. Diese Links sind in Zukunft vielleicht redundant. Der Beitrag im Anhang belegt aber den Trend, dass intelligente Funktionen im Hintergrund die eingehenden Informationen interpretieren um das Arbeiten mit diesen Daten zu beschleunigen.

Die Essenz des CONTACT Service, d.h. die automatische Synchronisation von Änderungen an einzelnen Kontakten, wenn diese zwischen zwei Konten geteilt worden sind, die den DIGI nutzen, bleibt aber ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal, für das es aktuell noch keine Alternative gibt.

Bei der Synchronisation gibt es zZ Aussetzer, das heißt, willkürlich werden einzelne Kontakte nicht mit der Liste synchronisiert, können dementsprechend auch nicht zwischen Konten synchronisiert werden. Wir sind auf der Suche nach der Ursache und melden wenn das Problem behoben worden ist.
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What seperates the concept of G Suite
from the storyline of "The Circle"

Meshing with community should have its boundaries and the inner circle stay protected. Digital means taking over schedules, visions, senses, minds and devices seem to threaten freedom. Images and models of reality should be handled with great care. A reminder on the limits to unified systems, transparency and automation.

Digital identity requires privacy. But there will be no privacy without digital education and a means of selfcontrol that follows the principels. G Suite isn't a regular tool, because of it's recording capacity and the ability to analyse the records. Although encryption and access control are implemented into the system, the user needs to activate some of the security measures, such as 2 step verification. Fixing a bad system might not be required, if people care for their digital privacy as they do for their home.
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May be Trump got it all right
and climate change is just fake news

+Eric Schmidt contributes a few words to the subject in the attached video. But from my experience, the change is obvious. May be a violation of leadership principles can be compensated with technology.

If those who learn and apply healthy principles would also take care for their digital identity. This would also mean to change the common pattern of using Facebook and to learn how to utilize a collaboration platform - like G Suite.

At the end, the team would be in the position, that makes it easy to achieve much more with less energy, time and administrative work. Would you agrree?
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To Get the Vision
look back

This TED Interview dates back to 2014. By watching it, you will realize that the promises we are making on behalft of the future of the digital assistant aren't fiction. Becaue you can experience it already, if you just use your Android device to type a response by talking to voice recognition. It is not perfect yet, but it works and is getting better day by day.

Apple is improving the camera, the display and the performance of the mobile device and raising the price at the same time. But the real benefit of these mobile devices is not to impress people, but to get things done and stay competitive, may be even race ahead of competition.

This is why EASY is not the only criteria for a sevice. If a process is just easy, but does not create sustainable results, you may be willing to climb down from you current position to experience technology that has already disrupted many industries and does not stop at your doors.

It is nice if the online platform is available since 1999 and getting better since than, but it is not providing a digital identity or at least integrate with a digital identity, it will just provide a function, that solves a specific problem, but never provide a holistic set of functions, that will make resultes predictable. How do you create the future, do you have a vision for the future? Would you know how to use the power of G Suite to persue your dream?
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New Google Site x Apps Script
can be very powerful

We will use it to embed the configuration of the digital assistent into the website. Is easier to remember.
It appears that the New Feature train is chugging along quite nicely. We can now embed websites as iframes in the new Google Sites...including web apps generated by Apps Script!

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kann sich auf DIGI auswirken

Es gibt heute größere Störungen bei Google Drive, vielleicht nicht für alle Nutzer aber für einige und die können sich auf die Stabilität des DIGI auswirken. Datenn sollten dadurch aber keine verloren gehen. Es kann nur sein, dass einzelnen Fällen die Anfragen an den DIGI nicht bearbeitet werden können oder wenn dann mit deutlicher Verzögerung.

Ein Störung wie diese liegt schon viele Monate zurück.
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Office 365 vs G Suite
by +Christoph Magnussen

As you know, we are using G Suite but people keep asking us why. Christoph explains this way better than us :)
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