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Comparing SEOs is sometimes as difficult as comparing beef enchiladas made with a red sauce to chicken enchiladas with a cream sauce. I mean, they are both from the enchilada family and probably prett...
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Watch the video:

Crisis evokes serenity. The luxury to stop for a minute is to be in the present.

Not just productive, but stress-free productivity.

Appropriate engagement: Getting things done is being appropriately engaged into it.

The issue is not time.

How long does it have to be creative? 0 time.

But we need space to be creative. Psychologically space.

Your toughest work is defining what your work is.

"Do not keep anything in your head for the rest of your life."
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Would the stricter news-ranking algorithm mean well for sites getting links from those news organization?
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Do you feel buried with this tsunami of workload? Distracting us from things that matter most.

1. More decisions > Decision management
2. Attention more attacked and bombarded  > Attention management
3. Energy crisis: exhaustion > Energy management

5 Choices:
1. Act on the important > do not react to the urgent.
2. Go for extraordinary > do not settle for ordinary.
3. Schedule the big rocks > do not sort gravel.
4. Rule your technology > do not let it rule you.
5. Fuel your fire > do not burn out.

Connect >  Move > Eat > Sleep > Relax > Connect >  Move > Eat > Sleep > Relax > Connect >  Move > Eat > Sleep > Relax >

by Franklin Covey
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1 simple rule: get one major thing done before doing anything else before moving ahead this major thing.

Increase productivity
Feeling of accomplishment

If you are serious about success, give this a shot.

Each action brings momentum.
Momentum brings more action.
Action plus momentum bring success.
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